Saturday, December 3, 2022

Hard Radiation is Sacred

Radiation is a nutrient and most of us are deficient. When ionizing radiation goes up modestly, all-cause mortality goes down dramatically. E.g. uranium dockworkers. E.g. the cobalt-60 apartments, coincidentally, dropped all-cause mortality by 60%. That means half of all untimely deaths in all other apartments are ultimately due to radiation deficiency. Half.

You can tell a story about how the Saudis own Greenpeace and that's why nuclear plants, which compete with oil and gas plants, tend to get banned. That's true, but it's only a means. 

The end is not having nuclear plants, because they are holy.
A nuclear plant quietly consecrates the ground its on, then sedately starts purifying the land around it.
They give the Satanists nasty, nasty hives.

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