Friday, December 23, 2022

Perhaps a Clear Summary of a Set 2

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To start a set 2, the intuition makes a prediction. A correct prediction. I don't know what the prediction is, though. It's just a feeling. Technically, a feeling is a word in a language, except I don't know the language. What is this feeling telling me about the situation? I have no idea. I have to incarnate the situation so I can see what prediction was made. 

Because English is horribly impoverished there are no words for the feelings. Can't even write down the prediction. (Is it jamborflimanj or is it semlapoofle?)

Still, it helps to take a guess at what the feelings means, even though I'm probably wrong. Makes more memory connections. 

Once I've seen the situation the feeling was about, I can retroactively work out what was predicted. When I get the same feeling in future, I can test my understanding by doing another second set. 

I've always thought doing this used to be normal. It's something every child should do out of natural inclination - they have the time, after all. Once you've done enough set 2s to reach basic apprentice level competency, it becomes easy to see that it's being actively discouraged by e.g. journalists. Secular anti-consciousness.

The Regime greatly fears the power of your intuition. "Your mind is an illusion."Uh huh, thanks for letting me know what you're afraid of.

At high levels of competency it's easy to see folk using their intuition wrong. "Oh I recognize the feeling they're trying to express, but that's the wrong words for it." My intuition is 100% correct. I fail it, it doesn't fail me. While I can't tell if this is normal, being correct at 90+ rates is definitely very common. However, without intensive training, you have no idea what it's trying to tell you. Failing the intuition, too, is very common.

P.S. Materialism cannot explain why the brain would have a source of extremely accurate information that's unlabelled. Evolution cannot select in favour of unlabelled impulses. How is the brain supposed to even manage doing a thing the brain can't parse? "I have evolved .png. *fanfare* Shame the rest of the visual cortex runs on .jpg...."

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