Sunday, December 4, 2022

Christianity Wasn't Wokism in 50 AD Because They Tried It and Died

The first American colony was a Communist colony.

The Jamestown Colony is North America's first permanent English settlement. It begins in 1607 as a commune, sponsored by London-based Virginia Company. Land is held and managed collectively. The colony's charter guarantees to each settler an equal share of the collective product regardless of the amount of work personally contributed. Of the original group of one hundred and four settlers, two thirds die of starvation and disease before their first winter. New shiploads replenish the population, but the winter of 1609 cuts the population from five hundred to sixty. In 1611, visiting Governor Thomas Dale finds living skeletons bowling in the streets, waiting for someone else to plant the crops. Their main food source consists of wild animals such as turtles and raccoons, which settlers hunt and eat by dark of night before neighbors can demand equal shares. In 1614, Governor Dale has seen enough. He assigns three-acre plots to individual settlers, which reportedly increases productivity seven-fold. The colony reverts the rest of its land to holdings in private parcels in 1619.

Basically Americans tried Communism, died horrifically, and then the adults stepped in and forcibly un-Communized them before they literally all died.

If you had a documented history of early Christianity, it would look exactly the same. They tried being themselves, got fragged by Gnon, then the adults stepped in to un-Christianize them. Sadly, the adults lived up to the selfish and lazy stereotype that children have of adults, and only un-Christianized them to the minimum necessary. They let them keep as much theology as they could. The religion was titrated to exactly the dilution that would allow it to not immediately die. 

The core delusions remained. Along with the pining to live fully in a world where those delusions are true. Christianity is still Christian. They're constantly looking for ways to duck out from under adult supervision, because they think this time their false religion won't be catastrophically suicidal. 

They have true faith in their solipsistic, narcissistic parochial tribalism. "This time for sure God will agree with us! Down with that nasty Devil who hates Communism!" 

(Stuff like Gnosticism is a very natural, predictable result of a religion of narcissism. Christians call it heresy because it's too on-the-nose. Spoils the game. Worse, it's an evolutionary pathway toward acknowledging Reality. That's the exact opposite of their true desires, which is the Satanist urge to supplant God with themselves.)

America is still Communist. "Why is America so Fascist?" Because it's always been Fascist, but when they were poorer they couldn't afford to act as Fascist as they wanted. Christianity wasn't Full Woke only because of evolution by means of natural selection. Now they are richer, and are trying a pure version of Christianity, having removed all those icky compromises with physics. They will find out that Fascism is unaffordable only after it's too late for the country. Too late for most of the individuals living in the country, for that matter. 

The lag between starting to eat the seed corn and failing to have a harvest will do them in. "See, eating the seed corn is fine! There's no problems!" By the time the problems show up, it's too late to learn from them. If you adhere fanatically to an unholy religion, being rich merely lets you stretch out the lag time between mistake and comeuppance.

Maybe this time the adults will have learned and simply let them all die, rather than saving them from their own stupidity. However, I wouldn't bet on it. The adults aren't really for-real adults, they're also Christian. They saved the original Communists in the first place because of that whole saviour complex. "Being Christian is killing them but it's unChristian to let them die. Shit, it's Christianity vs. Christianity, what do we do? (Hence the 3-year delay.) We're going to come down on the side of saving them, or we condemn Christianity and would have to ditch it."


antifem said...

Dude show them the NIV's note on John 7:52 and they can't even admit the passage is a forgery despite it saying clearly its not in the earliest manuscripts and bounces around all over Luke and John in the later ones. The femenist core of their religion is just too strong for them to admit it.

paranoid sadist said...

No Cheka, no circular firing squads? What a poor showing. You were right, americans are sinners, weak in the ways of fascism.