Saturday, December 17, 2022

Insecurity Makes Proles Loud

"Why is it that loud people are always — almost always? — low class 

Was it always like this?"


Proles are aware of their own insignificance. They know if they don't loudly intrude into your life, you're apt to forget them. It's also the major driver behind graffiti. They know they will never have any noticeable effect unless they artificially induce a change in the environment. 

Of course having to loudly exclaim, "I exist world! I am here!" only reinforces the impression that there isn't really anything there. "The interchangeable meatbots are squawking again." Even proles know words are only hot air, so it's addictive. The momentary relief has a chaser of even deeper existential dread.

Japan proves many interesting things, such as the fact leaf blowers don't have to be loud. Americans make them loud on purpose, either because they are proles and correctly worry you'll forget them if they're quiet, or because egalitarianism makes acting prole a fashionable thing to do. 

It was presumably less bad when the prole would, at least, be significant to his children. They would know he's kinda a loser but he would still be their dad. Under monogamy he could smack his wife a couple times rather than bothering the whole neighbourhood. Not good, but less bad.

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