Monday, December 26, 2022

Catholic Marriage Bans Caused Egalitarianism, Thus Communism

The curious part of Fascism is that it's even more childish than literal hunter-tribe savages. They have marriages and stuff, the local big man enforces the law, and neither phenomenon survives the transition to Fascism. Hunter tribes are in fact less egalitarian than Fascists are. 

What happened? Is this ideological feedback? Is Sophism really that effective? 

What happened is a breeding program. The outbreeding program. 

In short outbreeding makes you treat strangers like family. The family-support instincts get hijacked and your inner circle expands to encompass "all humanity" as it is phrased. P.S. Altruism is not cooperation, and folk who lionize altruism are untrustworthy.

Certainly I'm no fan of collectivism, but by inspection Communist egalitarianism is worse. N.B. if you get rid of nepotism you don't get meritocracy, you get theocracy. Tests of purity of "friends" (allies) instead of tests of purity of blood. 

Ideology matters, especially when it comes from the blood. What happens if you instinctively believe every stranger is part of your family?

If everyone is family, you're one step away from the daddy model of wealth. Food comes from the grocery store. If everyone is family, then all relationships are social, not parasocial. Why are we bringing money into it? If everyone is family, obviously nobody is malicious. Timmy broke into that shop, murdered the shopkeeper, and raped the keeper's sister because he was lonely and nobody pays attention to him. 

Poor Timmy! Only a few depraved mutant monsters would attack their own family. The blood (allegedly) stops you from committing fratricide. It must be "societal" (==familial) factors that drove him to this. 

If everyone is family and worthy of altruism, then clearly whatever obvious external differences we can see must not matter. Substantially everyone is identical. That and the cognitive load of keeping track of all the differences is way, way, way too high, so it gets savagely simplified. Childishly so, really. If everyone is substantially identical, why wouldn't you be egalitarian? Fanatically Egalitarian?

the age of enlightenment IS what core europeans are all about! hurray! (^_^) the Project and its effects are ongoing today.

Of course it is now flagrantly obvious that the "enlightenment" was anything but the bringing of light. It was the hyper-Christianization of Europe. Christianity is in fact Satanism. It converted Europe from a Hellenized region to a Hellinized region; hyper-Christianization was the final ascension of Satan over his favourite torture factory. 


Intent matters. Folk with benevolent intent do not force indifferent strangers to do anything. The intent of the Catholics was not to help Europe, and thus their meddling was not a boon to Europe. 

Ultimately the Catholic anticlan breeding program was itself a manifestation of inter-clan spite. You're not going to get rid of shame, corruption, impulsive violence, and suppression of individual egos via explicitly and intentionally upholding a clan structure. Thus, e.g. America is at least 50 times as violent as it needs to be, Twitter spends around 90% of its time shaming the outgroup for being outgroup, if you're not corrupt you literally can't do anything in the government, and narcissism prevents individuals from showing their actual personality, if any.


In short, the Catholic breeding program succeeded at certain superficial Goodhart targets, but mainly introduced bugs. Mortal attempts at eugenics are childish finger-painting as compared to Nature's ouvres, thus result in a childish phenotype. Further the affected genes are now working at cross-purposes to the genome as a whole, resulting in a phenotype which is inherently insane. If it wasn't contradictory and self-defeating we wouldn't call it crazy.

Look, unholy religions are bad for you. Allowing an unholy religion dominance for over two millennia, eighty generations or so, was fantastically unwise. However, Original Sin...


There was a very different offramp.
I like to think that [cooperate with cooperators, trade is good actually] is not Riemann tensors, not complex-valued quantum chromodynamics, not rocket surgery. It shouldn't take a transcendental genius to consider !feuding with the next clan over. 

Then, because !feuding is in fact a good idea, it would make those clans stronger. Then the idea would spread, because everyone likes a strong horse. 

This would not be trying to force cooperation, an inherently insane oxymoron. (Did you forget? Intent matters.) Rather, the conscious, mindful attempts to cooperate would feed back into the genome and cause a cooperative phenotype in, as they say, a healthy, natural way. It would minimize the change, rather than trying to maximize the change for ego-stroking reasons.

This is slower, since it requires folk to be persuaded rather than cattle-prodded. It requires letting the fool persist in his folly, that he may become wise. It requires patience on the part of the stewards. 

Except, of course, the Christian-Satanists are correct about humanity being inherently evil. I rather suspect the god of that godforsaken book wasn't lying when he claimed to have created mortals. The joke when I call the species Caino hypocriens is that I'm perfectly serious, even though it is funny.

Is the species not exactly what you would expect of Satan's masterpiece? Aside from physics forcing cooperation on pain of death here and there, is there anything out of place? Perhaps the primate order was not literally created by Satan, but if not, it's more of a difference of no difference. You will find no inconsistencies.

An inherently evil species likes to feud. Feuding is the point. It's not some kind of mistake or oversight or foolish in any way, shape, or form. Feuding is the end; having clans is merely a means. If you get rid of the clans without getting rid of the evil, they will only find some other way to hold feuds. What a waste of everyone's time.

It's just that, if Caino hypocriens is indeed inherently evil, it is exceptionally futile to attempt to make it less evil. Who are you going to appoint to oversee the project, exactly, given that personnel is policy? Christians need angelic rulers, but are far too disgusting; any actual angel would be repulsed, refusing to accept the position. Every eugenic program is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. When we all drown, shall we be sitting in the pink chairs, or the blue?


jason said...

Your last paragraph reminds me of the human Loki's speech toward the end of Erik the Viking when they're in Valhalla, basically "What right do you have to stop men from fighting, Erik the Viking? By fighting men earn glory, and who are you to take that away from them?"

Alrenous said...

Ironically, war is less evil than feuding.

Besides, how are you going to stop a man - a warrior - from fighting, except by fighting him? The method discards its own axiom.

In war, you test yourself without reservation. You must actualize yourself to the fullest, because everything is on the line. They're going to hit you with everything they have, so you must bring out everything you have, or die trying.