Friday, December 23, 2022

Egalitarian "Rightism" Strikes Again

""Yoel Roth" is not a person, it's an idea, a cancer cell, and by the time you notice it, by the time it has metastasized enough that you can see it, it's already too late"

Alternatively, try having lords run things instead of peasants. 

Roth comes off as as terminally perverted within 30 seconds. Red warning lights across the whole panel. Anyone who hires him, or anyone like him, is either utterly incompetent or so pozzed they're doing it on purpose. Musk is kinda both, by the way. His Conquest #1 area is heavily defended - to get in you have to use a lot of force. Everything else in his brain is a wasteland of 99% poz. 

P.S. Everyone who didn't wait at least six months to leap back into twatter's arms jumped the gun. Seriously, show some continence and restraint. Let things settle. This isn't runway fashion - you don't have to pounce instantly on every fad to avoid getting left behind.


geroge said...

Didn't Elongated Muskrat fire Rothschildtoucher?

Alrenous said...

Yoth quit, he wasn't fired. He saw the writing on the wall before Muskrat did.