Friday, May 6, 2022

Twitter's Biowarfare Labs

Musk will discover Twitter is not a profitable company and requires regular infusions of "liquidity" with dubious provenance because it's actually laundered Fed money.

It is likely he will mention this in public. 

I am thus a bit puzzled: why aren't they fighting his purchase tooth and nail? Maybe, like 2016, they think the cutouts are secure - that the fix is already in? 

They are in fact secure. Musk could trumpet this stuff from the rooftops and it still wouldn't make a difference. The American voter is sufficiently subservient. The Regime habitually acts as if these things are relevant, though. Much the same way the weird thing isn't that 2020 was defrauded, but that like 2004 wasn't defrauded. 

Maybe they realize that, since Americans are so subservient, control of Twitter is an unnecessary expense? "Thanks Musk; now we don't have to pay off these useless yuppies anymore." However, that's drinking deeply from the 4D chess well.

The only thing you can be 100% sure about is that the real story isn't being told.


Muskadine Grapes said...

"Musk will discover Twitter is not a profitable company and requires regular infusions of "liquidity" with dubious provenance because it's actually laundered Fed money."

So just like Tesla. And SpaceX.

Alrenous said...

Dubious provenance? No, everyone calls them subsidies. It's very important that twitter has to lie about it.

Tesla, maybe, relies on the subsidies. Certainly very few would buy one without the "green" credit involved.

SpaceX pays for itself. Though yes, also collects subsidies, because what, you wanted that money to be left with the government?

Oh wait I checked, Tesla pays for itself too. Kindly know things instead of...whatever you're doing.
In fact, in general, Musk companies spend more on lobbying than they receive in subsidies. This is a hostile admission against interest - I got it from the "fact checkers."

Anonymous said...

The only reason for the MSM bluster about Musk is for later posturing into "we desperately need a department of misinformation".

It's not really 4d chess, more like 2d. Dimension one : Set up premise.
In this case: Hamagahd Musk is a white racist apartheid supporter who controls twotter. DO u liek apartheid? if so u have to love tweeter CHEKMAT RAYCIS

Dimension two : remind people of premise when you take more of their freedoms away and they clap because you made them safe.

It doesn't even matter what he reveals, or what he does. The only way he can control the narrative is actively banning his opponents from Twitter, which he can't do without proving them right.

Alrenous said...

The fact congress clearly feels the need to make a law to ban their opponents from twitter - which Musk will then follow, as per his statements - is to utterly fail to control the narrative. Looks weak even to peasants.

As with Stalin, this of course doesn't really matter. Public opinion is that whoever can beat them up has the Mandate of Heaven. "They're weak but I'm even weaker. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" We can look forward to many Stalinesque jokes about DC, however.

That or Musk rules-lawyers them with, like, actual lawyers. Either way it's popcorn time.