Thursday, May 12, 2022

Olds From the Heavens: Corona-Chan Hates Narcissists

It's a godplague, specifically expressing heavenly wrath toward narcissism.

The actual virus itself was a nothingburger. However, it has exactly the correct appearance to make narcissists rip out their own guts in an attempt to deal with it.

The more narcissist you are, the more Corona-chan wrecked your shit.
For those of  us who aren't narcissist, it was a net gain. The heavens still make things like they used to. 

I'm starting to think most narcissists are literally p-zombies. Corona-chan may have a true body count in the dozens, all accidents, because nobody dies when you kill a narcissist. Nobody is home; you can't knock the lights out, and nobody leaves when the body perishes. It's not homicide, it's tidying.

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