Monday, May 30, 2022

"God definitely agrees with all of my moral positions and God's relationship with other people is entirely my business."

"No I'm not prideful why would you even say that."


Hint: this person intentionally named themselves terrorizing, and misspelled it. I think in their heart of hearts they might think of themselves as a terrorist. Criminal scum who attacks worthless civilians for no good reason. I might take them at their word on this one. They should know, shouldn't they? 

In other pointless news, redditors want an island and it went even more reddit than you might expect.

I cannot stop laughing about this. Reddit: even more reddit than you can possibly imagine. 

Hey, uh, imagine how someone who can legitimately afford an island would react to losing $500.


Anonymous said...

The replies are so so dumb.

If you can't understand that "I will pay for the poor to live" will immediately result in people ceasing actual productivity, you are dumb.

Universalism. The cancer hollowing out everything.

Alrenous said...

It's twitter. If it were not dumb, it's one of the signs of imminent SMOD.