Sunday, May 8, 2022

Moldbug's Autocracy is Leftist Part 1

"must be neutral in the American culture war."

An actual rightist is in fact neutral - because it's none of his business. How many Amish even know that Woke is a thing? If you want to hold a culture war, be my guest. It has nothing to do with me. In this case it takes two to tango, and I refuse to dance; find someone else.

"has the formula which lets both sides win their wars: monarchy."

This. My god.

"We have the formula that lets Stalin and Hitler both win!" No, uh, you kind of need both of them to lose.
"We have the formula that lets smallpox and (mythological) covid both win!" sure that's what you're going with?

As above, I don't. Both are weak and can't make me do shit. Stop following the Pope, bro.

ProTip: speaking of, stop trying to convert the Pope. Professionals don't try to wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep!
The Pope is always an atheist. He knows he's not Catholic. Like, papal infallibility alone...he, above all, knows damn fine God doesn't have anything to say to him and he's not infallible. He's not in it for piety, he's a psychopath. The B-est of cluster B's. Sees nothing of value in this world except political power. Kratia uber alles. 

"The deep right is neutral in any culture war—sympathizing sincerely with both black plague and polio"

"because its mission is to anticipate being the [arch-meddler]" As leftist, as irresponsible, as possible, yes, that's how I always characterize rightists. 

"Such a [super-meddler] will peacefully impose a healthy, well-designed peace on both sides." It would be funny if this weren't replacing old Moldbug. I suppose it's still pretty funny. Bittersweet, though. 

Christianity obviously has some internal tensions. The Old Testament in particular has some pro-property statements. "Leave your neighbour's stuff with your neighbour, asshats." Then it has communism and other forms of pure masochism.

Old Moldbug took this lesson to heart. First, have some internal tensions. Next, resolve them by coming down firmly on Satan's side. "The way to defeat your enemies is to feed and clothe them."
Buddhism does this occasionally too. "Oh, you're stealing from me? Allow me to help. I keep my money over here!" Here in Reality that merely encourages crime. Ref: read a newspaper.

"Peace is possible because both sides sincerely believe they are fighting in self-defense."

Laughable. Moldbug believes peace is impossible. 

"A well-designed peace can relieve both sides of the feeling that they need to dominate the other side "

When you dominate both sides, it really discredits the idea that you win via domination...

It's true that democracy makes these tensions worse. That's by design. Divide and conquer. If no divisions exist, create them. 

Something a ""Monarchy"" can also do just fine.

If this solution was what it's trying to portray itself as, you don't actually need to win anything. Craft a peace proposal and start telling folk about it. If it's really a good idea, in their own self-interest, they will accept it. Don't have to "monarchy" a damn thing. 

Problem: democracy reveals they want a fight. They like having someone to punch. Reign in Hell vs. serve in Heaven. I do get tired of having to repeat cliches when it's clear someone doesn't know them yet. 

"In a culture war, it is very easy to see the difference between peace and victory: do you impose your culture on your enemy?"

Making gay marriage legal, for example. Making immigration and ""assimilation"" normal. Smearing responsibility with the "autocracy" brush. 

Easiest way to manufacture consent is fait accompli; everyone is mostly okay with gay marriage now. As a matter of fact something like 80% of America took at least one shot of the vax. Peasants do what they're told, think what they're told, and feel what they're told.

So yeah that's what happens. The only problem is Communism is Omnicide. Recalling that in America it's left vs. less-left...if the left wins, you all starve to death. The fact this is so obvious is the only reason it hasn't already happened, and it will continue to be the only reason it doesn't happen in the future.

"An aristocracy loves nothing so much as to kick around the commoners."

Disgusting democratic propaganda. In reality an aristocrat can't be arsed to even know what the commoners are up to, unless forced by events to pay attention. If you told Elon Musk your problems, would he even remember them ten seconds later? He has rockets to launch and you don't matter.

Of course this is exactly how narcissists and psychopaths behave, due to their intolerable self-loathing. These are sick people, not aristocrats. 

Lowborn narcissists in particular are consumed by envy. Musk "kicks them around" because his rockets give him social status, and social status is zero-sum. The more Musk has, the less the narcissist has. Like psychopaths, they see no point in this world but kratia, so this "damages" the only thing they care about.

"in such behavior the student of history can see no unnatural order of things."



 "A king also has a motivation to protect the aristocracy, who are in general his most delicate, refined, talented and fragile citizens."

Weird version of democratic propaganda.

You think of someone delicate and fragile when you imagine a Kshatriya? Yeah, sure you do.

Totally, when I think of Cardinals, I think of total pushovers who need protection...

From these particularly egregious solecisms, we can work out what fantasy world Moldbug is trying to push. E.g. whose ego do these lies flatter. From the fantasy world you can work out the intended real-world effects. If you're into that sort of thing. 


"The blue mind may have more trouble abandoning its universal ambitions."

Yeah, weird how the parasite has trouble relinquishing the host. "May," kek.
The gross thing is how the host feels that parasitism is justified. Of the many reasons I call the "red" mind less-left, this is one of them.

"But the opinions of progressives will not matter at all to conservatives."

Don't need a monarchy. It already doesn't matter to the Amish, and it already doesn't matter to me.

Disavow the Pope already.




A healthy society can't tolerate crime. This really should be self-evident.

Present Americans think they can't live without crime, especially the left. Conquest #1: they're probably not wrong.  

Maybe their children could learn different. There's quite a few leftist urges that aren't inherently criminal, if properly contained in a system of strong property rights. It's not like they have to give up their openness to experiences. 

Anyway, concluding the other half tomorrow.

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