Thursday, May 12, 2022

How Christianity and Post-Christianity Causes Narcissism

The core symptom of narcissism is self-hatred. Something causes the patient to hate themselves, which is intolerable, which results in a death spiral, permanently distorting their cognition. 

Christianity says you are unworthy, and thus that you should hate yourself. For example, it doesn't merely say that you shouldn't masturbate; it says if you even think about masturbating, you are a wicked person. 

These impulses aren't even genuinely [you], because [you] can't control them. They're not your responsibility. As a result, you will be unable to stop thinking about masturbation. If you truly believe Christian preaching, you believe you deserve to be hated. Then you become a narcissist. 

This is entirely intentional. Christianity is a cult. Non-narcissists are, in the long term, resistant to manipulation. They have a tendency to falsify your brainwashing. Narcissists brainwash themselves daily, utterly destroying any resistance to brainwashing they might have. They are extremely vulnerable to anyone who gives them narcissistic supply. They love dogma that everyone has to believe. 

"You don't have to hate yourself if you come to Church every week." To a healthy person this is terribly off-putting. To a narcissist, this is catnip. "I will save you. I will redeem you." It's all narcissism-targeted. They save you from your own hatred. Redeem you from your own judgment...except that these are drugs. They only reinforce that the narcissist's original assessment was correct: they deserve to be hated for wanting to masturbate. Turns out biological drives don't go away. The narcissist is temporarily saved and permanently damned to the hellfire of their own wrath.

Wokism, American Fascism, works the same way. A racist is anyone who has less than complimentary thoughts about blacks. But Bantu are not, in fact, pure as driven snow. As with masturbation, these thoughts are not under your control; they are injected into your mind by outside events. You're simply acknowledging what you saw, the words which describe the event, and the feelings that naturally go with those words. 

Thus, everyone is racist. But racists deserve to hate themselves and have no friends; they are bad people. Thus, Wokism causes narcissism. Because it's a cult. Because Christianity is just Wokeness but for folk who are too poor to be completely batshit insane; Christianity is leavened with a bit of sense here and there.

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