Tuesday, May 31, 2022

POTUS ages extremely rapidly and Putin doesn't. 

Does Putin have a much less stressful job than POTUS?

Better fit: POTUS doesn't have time to cook for himself, so he's on a strict diet. The diet is American, though, so it's horrible for you. They're not exactly poisoning him on purpose by they might as well be.


Anonymous said...

Question : Who sold their soul to the dark lord, Putin or POTUS? The stress of demons eating your insides probably ages you.

Putin probably doesn't cook for himself either but Russia doesn't seem to have a big industry selling high fructose corn syrup and seed oils.

"Drinks raw quail eggs for breakfast". No wonder the western media thinks he's a savage, where's the pancakes? The maple syrup? THE KOKA-KOLA....


"Why is Russia such a shit-hole compared to the US", people ask.

Well, when food is cheap, lots more money to spend on shiny trash.

Parisian said...

Don't you have to compare two who are at least remotely close together in age? I mean--10 years difference, so that means somebody has to figure out what period in life "ages most rapidly" and I doubt they can. Realistically, I would doubt that any POTUS's "American diet" is ordinary, if only that the ingredients would not be second-rate. Same way with the English Royals, although they leave out all sorts of wonderful things. I once saw the food they planned to use on a trip to US, and it was always top-o'-the-line.

Putin's diet does sound superb, though. I've started drinking Duck Eggs myself, or rather, I turn down a huge pot of gravy-broth full of green onions, roasted peppers, and more, and let them poach gently--they do not get firm and yellow, but stay runny like "sunny side up" more than "over easy"; this is close enough to raw, and the whites are not delicious raw. Also like Spanish wines and cognac, but not vodka, which I always think is tantamount to swilling gasoline. I have the same penchant for pies, mainly English, esp. Elizabethan meat ones like Melton Mowbray Pie. My aunts always made these amazing savoury Chicke Pies, no relation to those frozen "Chicken Pot Pies".

Oh well, I almost forgot, the Trump food was quite American, or at least it was famously so, although he seemed more loyal to MacDonald's than Burger King or Wendy's. I don't know if anyone but Jim's asshole buddy would argue for that one, and in fact, I believe Alrenous already made Pepperment capsize on that issue some 5 years ago. What's one of the most peculiar things about American "junk food" is that it really is junky, unless eaten once annually, when it becomes exotic (but I never do anyway), but it's also not even cheap! Pretty decent fries is about it.

Anonymous said...

Your duck egg recipe does sound delicious.

Pretty sure Trumps eating of McDonalds is all for show. He's nothing if not good at understanding optics. I remember there was a video of Martha Stewart "what I eat in a day" which people heavily criticised as "bougie" (bourgeoisie in newspeak) including a woman who sells herself as a nutritionist.

McDonalds fries are trash now. Better when cooked in tallow. I mean, who doesn't love some duck fat roasted potatoes, though?

Parisian said...

Yes, somebody told me today about doing Duck Breast occasionally and using the rendered fat. I'm going to do it, and Roast Potatoes sound wonderful in it. I imagine almost any veg that goes for roasting would be good too.

Martha Stewart used to do her show a few blocks up, so I decided to go watch it. Cost nothing. Never had seen a TV show filmed live, and all the equipment was pretty forbidding, hanging there like some heavy dense dangerous jungle growth. She kept prancing around with these chocolate cakes, every time passing one grabbing a fingerful. Her recipes are flawless, but sometimes way too complicated to be worth it--you know, edible gold and such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Most any veg in animal fat is delicious. Carrots roast very well in tallow or lard. Beetroot too, unpeeled..

Or, even better, brussells sprouts - halve them, wipe them with some lard and sprinkle with salt, roast until brown and crispy. Bonus round, serve with fried bacon, butter, and sriracha sauce.

Very cool! It makes me kind of sad that I will never get the chance to see that sort of thing now. An interesting part of our history, glad to hear you got to experience it. I once got to visit the government TV studios - all heavily decked out in the 60's, orange and green walls with brown carpet and wood panelling everywhere. I really enjoyed seeing that and hope that they have not remodelled.

The hilarious part about it is Martha's schtick is being accessibly bourgeoisie, and yet, that's a big no no in todays culture.

Parisian said...

Those and especially turnips roasted in Pork Shoulder or Loin of Pork joices, a famous one. I've got a loin of pork which I'll do today or tomorrow, so I'll pick up a few tunrips.

Martha was comfortable with all the many things going on, most impressive of which was probably her huge kitchen with 6 or so assistants cooking things in that she'd use for her pasta segment, then you do little crafsy number, hold out her arms for someone to wipe off just like an actor, and make commercials for her then-new show-mutation. She gave out one piece of one of those cakes, and I definitely wanted it, but she unimpressively gave it to a young Negress.

To date this, it was some years after the famous time in prison, but before the advent of Vegan Rodents and other forms of cooking trash like Sandra Lee, then-gf. of Gov. Cuomo, who somehow sold people on cake mixes--and you cannot do anyuthing with these. Garbage.