Monday, May 9, 2022

Moldbug's Autocracy is Leftist Part 2


"At the top level of scholarship, these new red organs will be as serious and intellectually ambitious as the old blue organs that compete with them."

Well, yes, and that's exactly why it will fail. Both of those are negative numbers. 

Look upon the internet, as I did, and despair. Nobody is even slightly serious. The culture is deeply, deeply anti-intellectual. Grass monke happy no think. Play in grass with spear, then hungry, then go chase and stab, then cook, then play again. No think gud liaf!


"Pillarization requires your cultural identity to be formalized and visible to the state—as visible as to any advertiser with two nickels to rub together. "

Pillarization is asking the Pope for permission. The peasant must do what they're told - at best they can beg daddy to be told to do something different. I can see no evidence they are even capable of disobeying. They can forget, misunderstand, or get confused about who the prime mover is. They can't actually disobey.


"There are many reasons to switch pillars—but this is never a trivial, or even easily reversible, process."

Yeah? Why not? You intending to let them keep voting? 

Why would someone want to keep flitting back and forth across a "cultural" divide? What, the Jew is going to join the neo-Nazis for a week because they're handing out cookies? "It's okay honey, I don't mean it. Back in a bit. Put my yarmulke in the wash for me." 

Don't take Moldbug's fungus rot any more seriously than Moldbug takes it.

"Unfortunately, since sovereignty is conserved, this balance implies a third party which is supreme over both others, and enforces the balance."

Today I learned sovereignty is not conserved.

Has Moldbug really been fully converted to narcissism? "There is no cooperation, only dominance or submission." 

Yeah imagine loving someone and wanting the best for them. What a loser, right? Who does that?

Moldbug of course admires China's anti-virus policies.
Moldbug clearly disdains China's anti-expansionist policies. 


"The cure for a culture war, or for any civil war cold or hot, is simple: [arch-busybody]."

"After Augustus, Rome was unified. It had lots of problems and developed more, but never under the Empire did it have class conflict—not until Christianity."

Who wants to bet this is a journalism?

"It is true that Caesar came to power as the candidate of one faction"

So yeah it turns out you can get this "monarchy" thing by just winning.

"the populares—roughly red-state Rome."

Populares are of course the blues. Party of irresponsible paupers, criminals, and fraud. Liberals, basically. Optimates are the rich haughty net-tax-payer party. Armies were made primarily of Optimates. Truckers vote against Caesar.

"In 60 BC, Caesar sought election as consul for 59 BC, along with two other candidates. The election was sordid—even Cato, with his reputation for incorruptibility, is said to have resorted to bribery in favour of one of Caesar's opponents."

Reminder that -returning to proper spelling- Kaisar had to cross the Rubicon because he had broken approximately every law during his stay as consul. The reason he wanted to be consul in the first place was exactly to get away with breaking the law - Roman consuls could not be persecuted for lawbreaking during their tenure. He was none too good at following it even without that protection.

Only there were term limits. Kaisar was not eligible for re-election. If he had crossed into Rome without declaring war, he would have ended up very, very arrested. Had to stage War of American Rebellion, alpha version 0.2 instead. 

Hey maybe don't hold up criminals as heroes. Unless you want me to rightly call you a criminal, of course. 

"In power he did treat his original supporters well. But he treated everyone well. "

More journalisms? 

I mean, that's who gets literally stabbed in the back, with a knife, right? Someone who treats everyone well? Reminder that Hungary's Orban can drive around his country without a secret service escort. 

Kaisar was known for his mercy. He would sometimes forgive those who antagonized him. Not those pirates that one time, but quite a few folk. Brutus, for example, was a beneficiary of Kaisar's mercy. 

"Oligarchies often contain little invisible emperors of their own fields—but they abhor any formal centralization of power."

The Alrenous Thousand Emperors hypothesis. In particular, the crypto-Pope. 

"[Kaisar] was also an aristocrat born and raised, which was no more an obstacle then than it is now."

He was a degenerate. He fatally wounded Rome, ensuring it was 100% destined for total destruction. He got the traitor's end he exactly deserved. Rome should have rejected him utterly, but instead joined the traitor's cause and likewise suffered the wrath of Nemesis. 

"When we compare Chinese politics today to Chinese politics 50 years ago, from the Red Guards to TikTok, we cannot ascribe the loss of mass political engagement to any genetic or cultural factor. We are still looking at Chinese people, in China, being Chinese."

Mao was a CIA agent - admitted on the CIA's own website - almost fully Anglified. When the CCP referred to a Communist party, it wasn't being Chinese in the slightest.

Maoist were immensely destructive towards traditional Chinese culture, a) because it was so offensively Chinese and b) because that's how Anglos behave toward traditional Anglo culture in their own home countries.

You can check out ESR, but the match between Yuri Bezmenov's account and Maoist tactics demonstrates the GAE isn't as innocent of demoralization operations as ESR supposes.

Indeed - who said it? - Communism is as American as apple pie. Stalin was Anglified. Anglos run demoralization on themselves and try to make everyone else do so too. 

"It is hard to imagine what blue Americans would look like if excluded from power"

They can't feed themselves, so they would look dead.

"While it is hard to answer this question, any one who is not a gamer would probably agree: without games, gamers would probably be better off than they are now."

Aspiring boomer. 

I mean yeah don't play Fortnite, sure. 

I guess I moralize about coffee, though. Pretty sure coffee's worse. Games don't have withdrawal.

"All we know is that this aristocracy is, like most aristocracies, made out of amazing human beings."

Allegedly knows all about Kaisar and hasn't even read the Republic.

Not like this guy:

"Plato! Gawker may not know Plato, but Plato knows Gawker:"

"I mean that the father grows accustomed to descend to the level of his sons and to fear them, and the son is on a level with his father, he having no respect or reverence for either of his parents; and this is his freedom, and the metic is equal with the citizen and the citizen with the metic, and the stranger is quite as good as either."

"In such a state of society the master fears and flatters his scholars, and the scholars despise their masters and tutors; young and old are all alike; and the young man is on a level with the old, and is ready to compete with him in word or deed; and old men condescend to the young and are full of pleasantry and gaiety; they are loth to be thought morose and authoritative, and therefore they adopt the manners of the young."

"In any case, from Plato’s dialogue we see how the witch-hunter can invert the reality of power and presents himself as the underdog, fighting back against the gigantic and all-encompassing conspiracy of witches."

That guy seemed to get it.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

One way you've really affected my thinking is that now I think "progressive" means the same thing as "satan worshipper".

JBP sort of rolled me back because I can reasonably see that "progressive" means "High openness" and conservative means "low openness". But still. WTF Moldy.

This one is telling.
" If the blue class is not the jewel in the crown of any new monarchy, it is being somehow mishandled."

I read this as "If we don't let those who want to destroy existing power structures so they can steal everything have their rightful place in the sun, then we don't have a proper monarchy". Which is clearly bullshit.

As I understand it, Mafias didn't really tolerate the petty thieves. The petty thieves are, by mafia standards, progressive.

Alrenous said...

TFW literal Mafias are less criminal than your government.

kek I glossed right over the "blue jewel in the crown"
wtf indeed.

Reminder that the DNC and RNC are viruses. DNC preys on high-O low-C, RNC preys on high-C low-O, and of course the libertarians prey on high-O high-C. JBP has the causation backwards; liberals are "liberal" because those are the symptoms of the disease they're vulnerable to. They don't choose free love gay sex because freedom or whatever.

Democracy is inherently a state of permanent civil war. (Who said it?) Optimates vs. populares, greens vs. blues. Because (who said it?) the kratia isn't secure. Very useful for the disciples of Protagoras, of course.
Never mind ruling in Hell, they would rather serve in Hell than serve in Heaven.
I mean, okay. It's none of my business, really.

Reminder that in reality DNC is red and RNC is blue. They flipped it because Satanism.

Anonymous said...

Literal Mafias are organised crime. It's right there in the name, they're not pretending. That kind of honesty is kinda refreshing.

>They don't choose free love gay sex because freedom or whatever.
Yeah I agree with that. I think JBP cannot see that; "we're not good at pointing out when the left goes too far", he doesn't see it's just a logical conclusion.

Traditional right wing thinking = self sufficiency = no charity as the outcome
Left wing thinking = charity = excessive parasitism.

That's really the virus of large scale politics, people are very very easily tricked into shifting the goal posts. And ya know, the "other side" is real good at noticing this when it happens to their "other side".

>Reminder that in reality DNC is red and RNC is blue
I tried to convince Jim of this, that, since "progressive" or "left wing" means "progressing away from the current power structure" that we should meme that the DNC is the current right-wing.

I've noticed lately that people stereotype everything really super hard. "Right wing" means "holocauster", "Christian" means "closed minded bigot" (which is pretty funny if you consider Dalrocks reviews of various churches and modern christian philosophy. ) etc.

Your basic human really can't hold that many concepts in their head.

Alrenous said...

I call DNC red because it's Communist.