Tuesday, May 24, 2022

American: has and defends rules against bringing your own food to lunch

American: is surprised this regime evolves into a school-shooter regime. 

"We raised our kids in literal prisons with 'papers please' type regulations, but they grew up to be criminals! Weird, how did that happen!"

Truly, the world is a mysterious place.


Anonymous said...

While I don't disagree that stupid pointless rules don't help, and that the Frankfurt (Prussian lol) school system is evil, the reason for school shootings is even more culturally deep than that.
Three general factors combine

1) America has cultural polygamy
2) America pretends men and women are identical mentally and have identical life goals and perceptions
3) America trains its children to be ultra-narcissists

Consider male violence in Africa and in particular consider how that correlates with access to women (and how polygamy affects this).

Consider whether school shooters had any prospect of a family/ wife/ ever touching a female not related to them.

The reason that school shooters are *mostly* white is that non-white incels band together into gangs and then become non-incel. Or just dead from inter-gang violence.

Indeed, even the supreme gentleman was likely not murderous until people on various message boards ostracised him. He had a support network (whining about being a KV to other KV's) and then they told him he was fucked in the head and trolled him. Later, murder.

While I know that you personally cannot relate to this (you've made threads saying incels aren't real in the past), as far as I can tell looking at the information available this is the case.

Alrenous said...

America is the kind of place that has and defends rules against bringing your own food to lunch.

Also it's the kind of place where someone grows up and then expects kind and soft empathy from an imageboard.

Anonymous said...

America is the kind of place that argues that women have no choice but have constant casual sex and therefore needs abortions.

Ever see a pro-lifer say "Just don't have sex"? Nope. Cause even they support it.

Parisian said...

We had none of these regulations, and I brought my lunch to school every day. I didn't know about this, but I do remember how awful lunchroom food was. The best thing my mother made for me was "Hobo Hamburger". Delicious.