Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Narcissism Algorithm

There's a simple algorithm to convert thoughts to narcissism. Every pronoun is first person. "Do you like jam?" == "Do I like jam?" 

When the Woke narcissist accuses you of being racist, it's projection. They became a narcissist because of the fatal amount of lies they told to themselves about themselves, to hide from themselves the intolerable "racist" thoughts they keep having. 

Thus, "You have a racist thought," = "I have a racist thought," and hence, "I have a racist thought," = "You have a racist thought." Projection. Every time the Woke narcissist thinks something racist, they have to find a Drumpf voter to attribute it to. 

"I would never vote for Drumpf," = "You would never vote for Drumpf." Then they do this: "Why would I pretend I'm voting for Drumpf? When would that make sense for me?" Why would I say racist things? Why would I not virtue-signal about the poor?
Which is why they're constantly accusing others of lying. Obviously everyone thinks the same thing, because you = I. Thus they must have some sinister motives to cause them to falsify their own thoughts. 

If something happens that's unmistakably different, like watching someone pull the lever for Drumpf in person, they go crazy. "But...but, I would never vote for Drumpf! But I just voted for Drumpf...but I would never....WAT" That's when Othering happens. You're incomprehensible. You must not even be human.
There should be no Drumpf votes at all...unless there's Russian meddling of course. It makes far more sense that every vote was hacked in, rather than supposing the existence of humans who differ from the narcissist in any way except circumstances.

Same with the "Koch funding" line and similar. "I may say I'm voting for Drumpf if someone paid me, thus you are being paid."


Anonymous said...

Ah ha. Yes.
This is why they encourage narcissism in people, then. The division is very useful as a control/ propaganda method.

If "everyone believes" something, well, you, the narcissist, must be included in that.

Alrenous said...

"Everyone believes" is very comfortable for the narcissist. They know exactly how to craft their mask. Similarly, since everyone believes it, everyone is identical and they don't have to worry about their catastrophic blindness to other minds.