Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Morality Isn't Real: Inner Peace

Did anyone tell you inner peace makes you comically powerful?

When you don't fight yourself every step of the way, getting anything done is about fifty times easier. 

Don't do it to try to win Afterlife Points™ or whatever your so-called religion tries to pawn off on you. Do inner peace because it's the difference between a pedalled tricycle and a rocket engine. 

Also it feels good. Shockingly, health feels good. Puritans BTFO. 

Oh but you might get Afterlife Points™ anyway. Why do yourself right twice over when you can do it thrice?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Afterlife points is a good system to stop people defecting against co-operators, but it gets hijacked by people who want to defect on co-operators.

I used to be very anti-religious until I realised I was being narcissistic. It doesn't work or have any benefit *for me to adhere to* but that doesn't mean it doesn't benefit others.

People who are, say, 2 SD in IQ below me cannot conceptualise the things I can conceptualise.

Perception/ consciousness - what and how much you have - that moderates the types of control structures that you *need* to have inner peace.