Saturday, May 28, 2022

Hospital Food Condemns Hospitals

You only feed hospital food to someone you hate. It's not even fit for dogs. It tastes that bad because it's actively poisonous. 

"You need to eat!" Starving is healthier. It's industrial diarrhea and should be flatly refused.

At best, hospitals immediately reveal that they have no interest in your health. Addressing the miniscule possibility that they want to make you healthy, they are wholly incapable of pursuing this aim. 

Evil, or shockingly incompetent? Whatever you choose, the rational reaction is: stay the fuck away. 

Usually, if you're not paying, you're the product, not the customer. Americans get the enviable position of being the product instead of the customer but having to pay anyway.

I guess they call their medicine system the best in the world because they genuinely love being oppressed that much. "Come to America and get victimized harder than anywhere else!" They love it; don't try to take away their sadistic torture industry. 

Just, you know, acknowledge it's a sadistic torture industry, not medicine. If you want actual medicine, don't go anywhere near it.


Parisian said...

Just terrific. My Swiss friend and I are in the beginning phase of producing something calld The Hospital Food Cookbook: From Mt. Sinai to Freddie Girardet, Crissier, La Suisse , based on my recent experiences in the hospital due to a UTI my second time in the hospital in my life, and our mutual experiences with haute cuisine through the decades. Definitely don't ever get a UTI, although the antibiotics knocked it out quickly. I had all these Caribbean nurses, all warm Mamas except one freak, and they gave me all these recipes from Jamaica (mostly) and Haiti, which I made immediately upon getting home But the inspiration had been (probably) accidental delicious "entrees" in the last few days there. By that I mean they were "diner-worthy comfort food" like Meat Loaf and Chicken Parmigiana, and I couldn't believe it; I even tried to get seconds on the Meat Loaf, but they wouldn't give it to me. Our book will only start with this inspiration, and immediately leave it to go into "food portraiture" that he'll do, and other exotic food experiences.

Everything else was exactly as you said, and there are all sorts of versions of the *torture*, which they get acclimated to remarkably easily. There were some nurses who would say "TRY to sleep!" which has always been so retarded for me ever since my sister-in-law told me when I was 10 "You better go to sleep now, because..." My brother did at least tell her what an idiot she was.

The actual "medicines" they give you also do suck, like Melatonin, and you do need something in the hospital to sleep, except for the patients who love it in there. So they give you worthless things like Melatonin, which doesn't work yet does give you *death thoughts*.

Parisian said...

Oh yeah, there was another interesting and weird thing. I tried to "order" Orange Juice for next day, and the nurse told me "Sir, you are on a diabetic diet, so I can't let you have Orange Juice." I could get awful Cranberry Juice, though.

Mainly, I assumed that I had diabetes, and that they had found it in tests. I had definitely not been ever told I had it.

Suddenly salt and sugar started appearing, to my relief. I decided that, surely, salt may be the most important ingredient in all cuisine and just food management. And then the DOCTOR tells me "No, you DON'T have diabetes", and later "Sometimes, even without actual diabetes, they start you off with these simpler diets" and, while most of the food was still awful, I told her "No, the diabetic diet was MURDER", and it had been the worst thing I ever had to shove down my throat. All of it had the same trademark flavour, as if it had been through some brainwashing machine. Most grotesque was the "scrambled eggs".

jayx said...

Its no worse than school food.

Alrenous said...

The mission of schools is not explicitly to make sick folk healthy again.

But yes of course Communist food is Communist. Prison, school, hospital, airplane? Same kitchen.

Parisian said...

I am going to cite this post in the first chapter since it's almost :"Psychic", and Christian had wanted to use that term, which I poo-poo'ed because full of telepathic and ESP type bullshits. Would rather use your whole post and bill you as "Featured Artist", but I doubt you'd like anything that quietly flamboyant, now would you, Monsieur...

Parisian said...

I thought about it some more here so late at night and early in the morning, and just copy-pasted it. The *Communist Food* is very important, since I have recently been so offended by it that I am doing this book. It's true that somebody might make a post about hospital food, but they're not going to have done a cookbook about it. Maybe some money in it, but there came this image I didn't like of one of those Jewish actress-girls on the old Bochco series LA Law, so I decided not to be a nuisance about it; she was quite offensive herself. The coincidence will be entertaining, but I'll keep the emphasis as you have made it, because it's precisely like that, and it seems quite bizarre to find that this *Communist Food* is so accepted. And even people who can afford very fine food won't call it Communist, also correct about there being "embarrassed geniuses" or whatever you called it. I


Alrenous said...

I'm not particularly fussed about how others portray me. If it's useful for your narrative, then use it.

Temporarily embarrassed geniuses, yes.

Apparently it's not really Steinbeck, but I'm more of the Sun Tzu school. Attribute everything to some mythical uber-author. Just don't claim is a you original if it's not.

Parisian said...

Oh no, claiming someone else's writing is mine is something I never do. Plagiarism is a major sin. You're already a "mythical uber-author". Even if I didn't use the actual post, the point would have actually been that it was someone else, namely you, not me. Otherwise, I'd have just taken the ideas and gone with them as if I'd thought them up, but I'd much rather do it this way. Pleased that it's okay with you.


Parisian said...

That wasn't quite clear, although I'm sure you "got it". I would have only "taken the ideas and gone with them as I'd thought them up" if I also wanted to try to plagiarize them without directly quoting you. I wouldn't do that either. What I would have done had you objected is just to say something about this "mythical uber-author" who wrote this post about "hospital food" just as we were getting this book going. I may make a Preface with this so that it's very strong on the Communist aspect, because I want it to start with actual *Hospital Food* but then, after a Meatloaf Recipe, then go all over the place (I'm not sure where yet.)