Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Rescuing Civilization

...from itself. "I can save her!"

Option 1: civilization can be saved.
Option 2: civilization cannot be saved; save yourself. 

The market is smarter than you. There is plenty of demand for saving civilization. If it could be supplied, it would be. E.g. if writing a book was the solution...a book has been written before. It's been tried. 

There is much higher demand for looting and razing civilization. The market is providence, and will provide.

On the contrary, it turns out saving yourself is civilization. Secure your shit and mind your own business. If everyone did this, civilization would have no need of being saved. Since they don't, unless you want to go down with civilization when Gnon has his final words on it, you must adopt the minority position. 

If everyone saves themselves, then, ultimately, it turns out the ship didn't go down in the first place. Everyone is fine. 

The ship is going down precisely because the passengers are poking holes in the hull. If you put them on a lifeboat they will only poke a hole in the lifeboat, because, ultimately, they don't like being afloat. 

Your only options are to save yourself, or go down with them. 

And yes indeed, you can save yourself. It's not even hard. Just steal a lifeboat. They're all over the place; unless you try to steal a luxury lifeboat or something equally retarded, it's very likely they won't even notice it's missing. 

Yeshua's saviour complex is specifically designed to destroy you, so give it up like a drug habit. Put your own oxygen mask on first. Put your own parachute on first. When, inevitably, your "fellow" passengers bat away the mask and the parachute, let them. They want to die, and that's they're right. Aren't you glad you didn't try to put their mask on first? 

Civilization wasn't. It was always barbaric, and never civilized, except by accident. When it was so poor it died when it failed to be civilized, sometimes it was, temporarily and in a limited fashion, civilized. Don't be surprised the boat is sailing to hell. That's what it was consciously, intentionally designed to do from the very start. No wonder everyone who gets on it keeps trying to make it go down; being sunk is what's for.

"Saving" civilization is sinking the boat, because it was a lie from the start. A boat specifically designed to go down. Its telos is to sink. The more you shore it up, the more efficiently it will pass into the briny deep.


Anonymous said...

I’m an analyst by nature, forever trying to unscrew the inscrutable.
When reading your posts, invariably I end up saying , “Uh-huh…”, and then try to fold the content into my brainpan.
Success is limited but the process is thoroughly refreshing.

JBPGuy said...


"This social contract is so unfair because I can't do what I want!!!11one"


"How come no one follows basic social rules anymore??????"

Ya get what ya incentivise.