Monday, September 19, 2022

How well known is it that Anglo society is based on lying constantly?

Growing up as an Anglo child, you're supposed to intuit that your parents and teachers are constantly lying to you. You're supposed to mimic them and lie right back. Status is judged based on how elegantly you lie. If you have something honest to say you're supposed to bankshot it - tell a lie that's kind of transparent, so basically being tsundere. 

American culture is basically Anglo culture. 

Is this well known? Should I explain this in more detail?
Is this weird occult knowledge, or would I be explaining that the Sun rises in the morning?

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blackpilled d said...

Its the same as that yy elohim in the gan-eden who said to the adam that if he ate the pri of the tree that he would mot thamot, but the nechesh said he would not. And then he ate it and he didn't for another 900 years. I suppose the learned it by imitating this story of the j double o's.