Friday, September 2, 2022

Being Explicit: No Distinction Within Fascism

You can make distinctions between Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Republic, and Fascism, but the in-practice differences are too small for anyone to care excepting the narcissism of small differences. 

There's a vaguely noticeable difference between feminine Fascism and masculine Fascism, but look: the difference between plutonium and arsenic is "don't eat it, you idiot," a difference of no difference. Step 1: don't be a Fascist. Step 2: you don't have to care anymore. Trash goes in the trash. There's no special trick to forgetting based on what's being discarded; plain forget about it. 

This is the main reason I like the six-point diagnostic. Fascism tries to camouflage itself, because it's hard to be entirely lacking in self-awareness; they know they have something to hide. Pierce the camouflage quickly and efficiently, then discard the apologetic. Trash goes in the trash.

It's all the politics of narcissism, all an attempt to return to stone-age tribal politics so your outdated 100-man-band instincts won't be misfiring except portrayed as somehow especially forward-looking. It's all Sophists cynically exploiting these weaknesses and temptations so that you serve their interests instead of your own. It doesn't matter which flavour of exploit it is; refuse to be exploited. Simply stop listening and they can't touch you.

P.S. But can it really be called exploiting? There is in fact high demand for Fascism. Sophists provide (the illusion of) supply of Fascism. The customers are happy,* the Sophists are happy. What's not to love?

All the whining about the constant litany of Fascist failure, I suppose. "Fascism didn't work, as any retarded idiot could have predicted. We must become more Fascist! Our faith wasn't strong enough!" Not lovable. The bitching gets old real fast. 

*(Until the country collapses and most of them die from falling debris.)

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Anonymous said...

“…die from falling debris.”
Good times…we must be close.