Thursday, September 22, 2022

Point of Order: Not Transgressive

The Regressive Inquisition likes to portray itself as transgressive and iconoclastic. This is pure nonsense. 

It was always, since 1776 at the absolute latest, only agitating for its own norms instead of yours. It is iconoclastic against outgroup icons. It is transgressive because its boundaries run across the grain of yours. In other words it's a totally normal monkey troupe doing normal monkey-screeching. (Except slightly more insane than usual, and using a parasite strategy where they camouflage themselves as outgroup.) 

If you look at the "transgressive" things it did in like the 60s, it's the same "transgressive" things it wants to do now. I'm looking particularly at Star Trek; it "transgressively" had a black woman / white man pairing. Sixty years later, they're still hitting the same Revolution drum. If you trace it back further, you will find none of the "forward" thinkers are anything except standard, quotidian, and ancient thinkers, but with a dose of opposite-day.

It was stale on day 1 and at ground 0; it only saw success because its opponents were even worse. 

(So, hint: don't deserve it, and you'll be fine.) 

I will double down: actually it's not iconoclastic or transgressive even in a relative sense. 

Communism's true colour is a bipartisan purple.

The reason the Regressive Inquisition "camouflages" itself as the outgroup is because it was always outgroup. It merely took (some of) the outgroup's reasoning to the logical conclusion, instead of stopping on some unprincipled exception or another. The differences between this ingroup and this outgroup are more cosmetic than essential. 

The Regressive Inquisition casts down the idols that its own host population considers to be false. Sure these idols did little things like prevent poverty and death, but who cares about that? Are you saying you put material comforts above faith in God? Shame on you. Why shouldn't we slay anyone not willing to die for THE LORD? Without the "good" word they will only go on to sin again - we're just helping them avoid a descent into total depravity! Look, guillotining a sinner hurts them more than it hurts you. It's self-sacrifice; they have to go on living in this vale of tears, whereas you are excused. 

It's the conservative right that's transgressive, not the liberal left. They keep wanting to, you know, not-guillotine sinners and foreigners (but I repeat myself). Sometimes they suggest not stealing things that aren't even nailed down! Only sometimes, but still! What heretics! Don't you know a rich man can't fit through the eye of a needle?

You can always tell you have a great cult going when the god is more interested in your willingness to die for it than in keeping you alive. Yeah, er, sign me up. Definitely not deviant at all. The point of the heavens is to defect on its own worshippers, right?

The only reason the Regressive Inquistion looks like outgroup to ingroup is due to the narcissism of small differences. That one's yarmulke is dyed the wrong black! Burn the witch! Nobody who is genuinely outgroup understands what they're even fighting about. Nobody - not even ingroup - gives a shit whether god is three or god is one, but they do give a shit about having an excuse to beat someone down and kill them if they won't grovel enough. "That one's Communism is mauve rather than cerise! Throw the kulak down the well!"

Und so, here we are.

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