Thursday, September 8, 2022

Human Value vs. Religion

The market is smarter than you but unfortunately it is downstream of religion.

As a result it's incredibly important to have open slave markets or some equivalent. You need to put a price on human life. With a price on it, then it can be accounted for. Then you can get e.g. the correct number of children per family.

When the local religion say life is "priceless" actually that sets the price to be zero. Things you can't buy aren't invaluable, they're valueless, because you also can't sell them. 

Nobody holds onto a life because they can't sell it; rather, they discard it the instant losses exceed profits. E.g. the blood market. You can't buy blood, which means it's sold as if it's valueless; not at all. If you have spare blood you just throw it out, because it's not even worth the trip to the clinic, never mind the return trip. Functionally blood donation only happens by mistake or accident. E.g. murder rates. If suppressing the murder rate has any cost, why bother? They can't pay you for it even if they wanted to.

The security angle: if you're told a thing is valueless because you can't sell it, you're often tricked into not securing it. Result: the black market wants to steal your organs. Result: the black government wants to steal your labour, and you, by and large, just let it. Result: when a firm causes depreciation of your body, you can only demand compensation sporadically and inconsistently. 

Your labour should be considered a joint-stock firm. Except the black government seizes ~30% of your stock for allowing you the privilege of being born. Since you're not allowed to sell stock in yourself, you can't even find out how much this costs you. 

We can estimate though; for the average man it's $200,000. Who cares about estate taxes with a birth tax of this size? Speaking of, your "education" costs you another $200,000 assuming you're only worth minimum wage. Thanks, Obama. Frankly, how is a school shooting anything but a reserved and conservative response to the government nakedly costing you $200,000 and simply lighting the cash on fire?  

The black government obviously doesn't want you to do the accounting and realize that being poor is more profitable than moderate pay, because the government doesn't steal nearly as much from the poor. Indeed a bunch of the cash stolen from average "normal" folk goes into the pockets of the poor. ProTip: if there's a long end of the stick, seize it. Don't wait to be handed the short end, as will happen by default.


Banning "slavery" means banning individual subject stocks. You can't sell yourself; you are told you are valueless. 

That said, only a moron would uphold a government that told them this. It's hard to say the morons don't deserve to be told they are valueless.

However, if you want to be healthy instead of laughably weak, it's important to flatly contradict the government: you are not valueless. Do not treat yourself as such, nor allow anyone else to impose costs on said value without paying for it. 

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