Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Anglo vs. Saxon = Roundhead vs. Cavalier

The rest of the world understandably lumps Saxons and Anglos together. They're very similar.

However, they're not similar enough to prevent irreconcilable differences. They constantly clash along Cavalier vs. Roundhead lines. If you live locally, the differences are more than noticeable.

Naturally this is [narcissism of small differences], but since Anglos (not Saxons) conquered the world, their tiny narcissistic shit fits have become relevant to everyone else. It really helps to recognize whether you're dealing with a Whig or a Tory. Foggy Bottom vs. Arlington. Etc etc etc. 

The colonies were Saxon, the Empire was Anglo. Massachusetts is Anglo, Texas is Saxon.

P.S. lmao @ white "race." What particular village your ancestors lived in 300 years ago can make it impossible to get along with someone whose roots wind to a few villages over, even if you're both totally deracinated and have lost your history. Just shake and go your separate ways. Don't try to pretend every European should be or even can be on the same side.

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