Monday, March 29, 2021

Penumbra of the Intellectual Dim Web

Moldbug shows up a lot. Who should show up instead?

This midwit? Inoffensive, apprentice-level thinker at best. Let's call him racist for shits and giggles: there are no ch***s or g***s on his list. Well over twice as many orientals in the world as anglophones, with higher average IQs, and they don't even crack the top 100? Very ingroup. Much signal. Wow. Stay stuck in your ignorant, parochial bubble; a how-to. VDH, who is going senile, but no BBM, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita. No physicists, no chemists, one biologist (and another excluded for mysterious reasons, and probably not the good reasons). Imagine Kling the clinger had instead unapologetically listed his opinion of the best English intellectuals.

I wonder what a true global epistemic competence ranking would look like? Nick Land is probably smarter than Kling's entire list combined. Admittedly this is made easier due to the inclusion of several negatively-competent entries. Lies are bad, mmmkay.

How about these morons, who can't figure out that causation causes correlation, rather than correlation causing causation? Women don't want to work jobs. Women are obedient and are being told to go to university and get a job. What do women want, as opposed to what the social games say we should say they want? To obey, apparently.
Apparently, it takes a transcendental genius to notice that marriage was outlawed. It's a dark truth: it remains a secret even if it's pointed out to you in plain language, for most values of [you]. Nice Straussianism lol.
Outlawing marriage makes births go down. Weird. Also, life satisfaction. Mind=blown.
It's no good being contrarian and/or allowing contrarianism if you only come up with opposite-day takes.

Conquest #3 applies, I guess. Marginally intelligent anti-revolution; Fascists gonna Fasc. Super loyal to American anti-intellectualism.

Conquest #3 applies again, probably via Fascism diagnostic point #3, regarding projection. Under Fascism, anti-intellectuals are lionized, using the term [intellectual]. Further, due to diagnostic #4, intellectuals, of both polarities though particularly the straight kind, are blamed for the failures of anti-intellectualism.


Anonymous said...

This guy's concept of "intellectual" lines up decently well with my concept of "rent-seeking E-celeb."

Alrenous said...

In America, it does not do to be impressed more by beings than with seemings.