Thursday, March 4, 2021

Spiritually Break with Fascism

Given that Transgressives are firmly entrenched, what is the wise reaction?

As close to total divorce as you can manage. Have a little to do with it as possible. Don't watch or read the news. Don't submit yourself to a Facebook feed. Don't allow Fascists to talk politics or religion in your company. If they insist, leave. If your job implicitly involves mouthing many Fascisms, find a new one. (And deeply ponder why you didn't avoid the place without being told.) If your city is particularly infested with Fascists, find a new one. Move heaven and earth to avoid sending your kids to Fascist schools. For heaven's sake, install an adblocker.

It turns out there's a real distinction between a slave and a serf. A slave has no self-control at all, and can't even choose their own master. A serf has, at least, the minimal control to choose their lord. American voters are slaves. As usual, this is Fascism.

Pretending that lords don't exist is like half of what being human is about. On the other end, some are undeniably and unmistakeably slaves. Since someone is a slave, and Egalitarianism is true, everyone is a slave. Anyone attempting to be a non-slave is defecting; illegitimately trying to be a master. There are no masters in democracy! Being a master is always wrong! But, under slave morality, there is no form of human except masters or slaves. To be precise, Fascists are always obsessed with finally proving once and for all that everyone is a slave.

Among the ancients it was taken for granted that you had to transcend your own human nature and seize control of your self. None of this cope about riding the elephant. (Elephant imagery is itself cope. Obviously the default controller is a monkey.)

If you haven't seized control of yourself, you are a bum. If you have seized control of yourself, then mortal kings are nothing more than annoyances; you answer only to Gnon. (Julius Caesar was not an honourable man or a cooperator by any stretch of the imagination. His fundamental personality matrix was identical to an SJW. He was not, however, a bum.)

The ancients often wouldn't budge when threatened with crucifixion or breaking on the wheel. Moderns flinch and cower when threatened with "social consequences." Locus of control has become perfectly external. 

It's trivial to check for self-control in person. Ask them to do something weird. A little embarrassing, but harmless. E.g. sitting in a chair upside-down. Experiment: if you had to do something outgroup, could you? If they can't do it, they don't have self-control. They need permission before they can do anything. In fact it's so easy to check you don't actually have to check; merely imagining their response is safe and reliable.

(Cults basically work by spoofing the permission architecture. I don't have a cult solely because slaves make for poor conversation. If you have self control, securing yourself against a king is trivial: reverse the polarity and spoof the acceptance architecture. There's no reason to allow them to so much as to become suspicious.)

Nihilism is a philosophy for grownups. Slaves must have faith in their master, or else despair.

In retrospect, American shamelessness was overdetermined. If you don't control your own actions, why would you be ashamed of their distribution? It's not your fault! You're not guilty. You're just following orders. (That really does make the slave not guilty. Pathetic, but not culpable.) American masters are especially clever. They've ordered their slaves to think they're emancipated, and their slaves have dutifully followed this command. You can't even take up the slave's behaviour with their master because the master is hiding from the slave. (Just in case you thought they might not be guilty.)

Likewise, ills such as Institutional Racism are clearly the result of rogue masters. They are hiding, just like the regular masters. They are illicitly stealing perfectly legitimate slaves and commanding them to commit heinous acts to satisfy their twisted psychological needs. All slaves are exhorted not to be stolen so easily.
Liars never trust and conspirators get paranoid. 

If you have seized control of yourself, with a little help from philosophical hygiene, you can just, like, not be a Fascist. You're in charge. You decide, therefore it happens.


Perfectly contra Moldbug, it's clear anti-Transgressive ideas always win in the marketplace of ideas. However, Transgressive ideas appeal to gatekeepers - who then shut down transmission of anti-Transgressive ideas, which is the only way they can fail to lose completely. It should be a great mystery when Americans consistently choose to live under hostile censors. Since Americans are committed to being slaves, it is no mystery.

Moldbug is a proper American, and thus no exception. Reading early UR you could be forgiven for thinking he had self-control. Instead it turns out someone gave him permission to read old books, probably by accident. Some leftover command from the 1800s, when there was a canon. Distant, foreign backwaters often have very unfashionable commands still floating around in their sluggish currents. Biologically Moldbug should be a lord, but psychologically he is unquestionably a slave. The wonders of American pedagogy, I guess.

Following old, outdated commands is the problem of the American ""right"" in general, almost without exception. E.g. some believed the Transgressives were actually rational. They bought into Terror-era commands. When the proggies inevitably do something irrational, they think they've been commanded to rebel. They become a [dissident]. E.g. it turns out the rational basis for democracy is bullshit. Transgressives command everyone to rebel, which helps.

(Do Trannies tolerate Christianity purely as something to rebel against? If the master abandons honour he can get very clever indeed.)

The American ""right"" can be categorized as a slave's desperate desire for a master who won't order them to be retarded. Sometimes they almost manage to delude themselves into thinking they've been ordered as such.

Alas. You go to exist with the god you have, I guess.

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