Saturday, March 20, 2021

Restoration of Science

 Have a non-scientific scientist problem? Need to fix it?

Step 1: "stop digging."

Congratulations, that is all the steps.


Alrenous said...

As soon as science isn't being actively suppressed, such as by funding a bunch of pretend-science, real science will spring back into existence all on its own. Simply return to the non-meddling status quo of 1944 and earlier.

Parisian said...

That sounds more certain than with other fields and domains, but good to hear; I wouldn't have thought of it. I immediately thought, upon reading your comment, that there won't be enough concentration by these wokesters to actually destroy books and plays with racial slurs in dialogue, nor symphonies just because the composers were white. Of course, they are probably not likely to put the Confederate statues back up, but it was fantastic when that hamlet in Virginia voted against takingtwo of them down. Anything white though, or slave-owning. They'd probably hold up the Constitution and not be able to think of Jefferson and Washington, who owe reparations from their graves, not noticing the contradiction at all--so remove their names from schools and replace them with negritude. Why do they want equal rights if Jefferson, a slave-owner, said they were 'created equal?' Doesn't that mean, since a white Founding Father said, they ought to realize it was all wrong for racial slur equality, and they must repair this by revolution to become slaves again.I could deal with it, since I exude white privilege 'from every pore' as that horror Robin D'Angelo claims to do and make money on it. Plus my great-great-great-grandfather owned HUNDREDS. Maybe the more you've owned, the less likely to become a white ally like some Gyewish dentist or something.

The Alexander is not too long,so I'll get to it later (I've got aches all over despite being fully vaccinated--maybe this is the genocidal poison the far-leftists say the vaccine is--but I don't think I've got covid unless in very mild form.) The Moldbug makes you pay. I don't know why some Gray Mirror are free and some not.

I have a couple of other things to tell you--this Atonement is the best of all the McEwan books, but I had a hard time getting past the opening, about a child playwright of dumb fantasies. I don't know if you'd like it--the long section of the Battle of France and the evacuation at Dunkirk are amazing. Then the descriptions of the wounded and dying in London. He really researches, just as he did with neuroscientists in Saturday, but this is even better. And can structure the plots into long sections without interweaving them. Will watch movie on Youtube after. Finished my wonderful book on Minoan/Mycenaean culture and have now found one on the Greek Dark Ages (I didn't know they had one.) Once libraries are back, I'll use them for things like novels, but am now going to always buy the art books, because you don't need to rush them.

But everything but science has too many ambiguities, so that makes sense it would spring back like that when active suppression is finished--à tout à l'heure.

Parisian said...

I see you can read Restoration of Science if you just click into Gray Mirror, but maybe you'll tell me something about it, if it needs to be more than what you said above. I'd read it if you went through it as usual. First I finished Atonement, then came to Scott Alexander of 2013, and I suppose he has all these wonderful things to say, and my eyelids started drooping again. Maybe it's brilliant, but I know it's dull. Jesus Fucking Christ. Haven't you noticed he never has any change of tone or dynamic AT ALL? I can't think of anybody who bores me more. Or is it me just hitting two of them at two wrong times?

If I ever need a sleeping pill, I think I'll pull out The Complete Works of Scott Alexander--the best is when one eyelid just won't open back up at all.

Alrenous said...

Pure punditry.

Straight out of opposite-day Vox. Something something being the opposite of what your guidance counselor says to be.

You understand the Regimes likes it when the peons die, yes? The only thing they want is a proper jiu-jitsu way of banning vitamin D or something.

Parisian said...

I'm reading it right now. How much Vitamin D should I take? I had forgotten about that, you mentioned it as being very important. I only get some in a multiple. Have never taken it as a separate supplement.

I just ordered McEwan's latest novel (2019) for $2.45 hardcover. Sometimes the literary fiction types will make it into this sort of thing, and should interest me how he manages--all that technique.

Parisian said...

You know, at the beginning of this, I knew that everybody thought "I won't get it". I thought it too, and didn't wash my hands in this psychotic way Fauci and others were saying to do. I have to wear the mask or I can't shop, and Nick believes in the mask (that's where I found out about how there was mask suppression in U.S. for a month or maybe two.) I thought I would definitely die from a flu I had in 2008, and was surprised to wake up the next morning to the lovely surprise of having bedbugs (one of the nightmares of nightmares--it took 8 months to get rid of these freaks), and since then I have always gotten the flu vax and never had a monstrous flu like that again. I tend to not have bad reactions to meds and vaxes, so I thought I'd just do it, if only because the zeitgeist is more comfortable if you're fully vaxxed. And what if I do want to travel? I'm going to get my passport renewal process going finally this week. My sister and brother-in-law didn't want to get the vax because one of their friends had bad side effects from the flu vax, but their doctor told them to. I've also never been really sick, so my constitution is pretty strong. Actually, travelling doesn't sound that appealing if you're just going to go and meet other people obsessed with covid.

Does Moldbug think NZ is a 'small volcanic island' or is he referring to White Island, which is uninhabited, and is an island that is all volcano (just looked it up)? NZ is not small just because it looks like it by comparison to Australia. If I know enough from reading Moldbug, I can easily see that he wouldn't have looked that up, and just thought nobody would notice.

Alrenous said...

I become totally immune to all viruses as long as I'm taking more than twice the "safe" dosage of vitamin D. Costs me about $30 a month.
Though it turns out nutrients are paired and you'll get gnarly weathered farmer-like skin in places after such large doses, unless you also take a suitably large dose of fish oil.* Omega-3; presumably grass-fed beef would also work.
*(You can produce five times the "safe" dosage by going outside and getting properly sunned on, which is how farmers become imbalanced.)

Taking lower doses helps somewhat, but since it's optional, I don't see the point of letting myself get sick sometimes.

Parisian said...

Oh no, I'm going to do the big doses too. Thank you! I've often taken fish oil but need some more and will get that and lots of Vitamin D too. This is fabulous news. I can't sunbathe like I used to because this bitch got them to lock the roof, and there was no reason whatever. Sunning is one of the great pleasures of life. Sometimes I go to this beautiful State Park Beach, but it's very far, so I can't go often. No, I don't want any gnarly farmer-like skin, and I agree that there's no point in ever getting sick if you can keep from it.

Parisian said...

I got some Vitamin D-3 and Fish Oil. I figured I can use them as you say even if I need to get something else. They were buy one get one free, so I thought why not.

I didn't even know about different numbers of Vitamin D, as I did with Vitamin B. They are 100 softgels 50 mcg. 1000 IU. It said take one daily, so I took two. Did seem like that wouldn't be enough, but you'll tell me.

I got also Fish Oil 1000 mg. (300 mg Omega-3). Took two of those too, and took a nap. I think I've had two small colds that I didn't get enough rest during (renovation of apartments above and below and the resultant dust--I can't even sweep till they're finished.) I was very weak Saturday and yesterday. Today I walked 3 miles to get socks and my back is giving me trouble. I think I know what it is, though. I need to be a more temperate person in some ways, and don't mind it just now.

Nick linked Andrew Sullivan's excellent piece, and that clinched it. It is now so overt at falsifying news with the 'white supremacy' that it can't be believed. I won't say too much because you said you don't want to read the news. I think it's necessary to see how much danger there is. But this was pulled across successfully by both WaPo and NYT with never a mention of the 2 white women and the boy not mentioning Asians, etc. I won't say more for now.

Tell me about 'farmer imbalance'. I'm perfectly willing to agree that my grandfather was imbalanced and I hated his whiskers on my cheek as a child. He's the one that married up into the family that, going way back, was rich and had the slaves near Columbus, Georgia.

I don't think I'm going to suffer from the vax, and one does need something to prove if flying--if not this, then test results. So I've got this card certifying I had the vax. And anyway, maybe they do work. As I said, I don't know but do think that always getting the flu vaccine has kept me from having those near-death experiences with flu such as in 2008. No, I don't know anybody who's died from it, but do know family and friends and their families who have had severe cases, but have usually been young enough. My nephew had it for months and had to have some kind of breathing apparatus in his bed when he had trouble breathing.

Parisian said...

Yeah, things like this: Last week, Israel’s Knesset approved a bill requiring travelers returning from abroad who do not have proof of vaccination or antibody status to wear electronic monitoring bracelets that ensure they remain in tight quarantine.

Alrenous said...

You've passed from asking for advice to asking to be spoonfed.

Parisian said...

That is not amusing, not even slightly. You have a truly ugly side, and I don't like ugliness. And it was no such thing. How could I find out if the dosage was right? I looked up a lot of stuff, but even if I didn't, it was natural to ask you in order to get it right. But, hey, forget it. Thanks for telling me about Vitamin D and Fish Oil. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't ruin all your relationships by coming out of the blue with such crudeness. Anyway, if you would do it now, you would definitely do it again. And with probably an even sharper knife. How dare you talk to me like that.

Oh, so I thought you felt rich because you could afford success. I no longer believe you can, but of course it doesn't matter now, and I also don't care. I thought you were one of the most fantastic people I'd ever run into, but this is a faux pas totally unforgivable. In one fell swoop, you prove yourself a totally uncouth peasant with no respect for anyone but yourself. Literally on a level with Jim. Congratulations, (that's all the steps.) Of course, I always heard the word 'Trump' in the back of my mind as a warning. 'Trump' is your special place to tolerate lies.

It's of some interest why you thought I would tolerate being talked to in such a low-class way. You probably did think I would just 'take it', since I was so obviously fond of you. Maybe you still have strands of 'monkey mind' you haven't scraped out.

Bravo. Proof of the great philosopher, the one who makes sure he is thoroughly and universally disliked. So this is your way then. I want nothing more of it. I am very embarrassed to have thought so highly of you.