Friday, March 5, 2021

Moldbug vs. Monarchism

"I’m a monarchist because we don’t have to live like this."
Dawg, I already don't live like this. I had to take a less than ideal exit route, but it is nevertheless the case that I'm already out. Get out, don't let leftists force their company on you, and you're set.

There's nothing stopping you from taking a king yourself. Get a mannerbund, hold the last election, bam, you're done. Nothing illegal about this in the slightest. Indeed the Transgressives are likely to be confused, more than anything.

Nothing legally stopping you. If you weren't a slave you would have already taken a king. Instead you plead for the Regime force you to take a king.
In Greece, slaves had free speech because their words were considered so worthless that the most abominable curses from their mouths barely rose to the level of a joke. Master knows best. 


"No one today—certainly not me—can even imagine how different a life that would be."
I am referred to as [no one] regularly enough that I sometimes use it as my nickname. Alrenous "No One" Ruat Caelum.

"It is hard to think of, or even imagine, one which is spiritually healthy, but physically incompetent."
As No One, I am tasked with difficult imaginings. That's a joke: this isn't difficult if you aren't a slave.

So, you've selected your king. Necessarily it will be a king in exile. He ought to have the power to revoke certain laws, but doesn't. Spiritually healthy, physically less so.

When training to run the stock market, you use something called paper stocks. You allocate yourself fake money, buy fake stock by writing down which ones you bought and how much they cost, and then see if you manage to make fake money. You own stocks, but only on paper. You can make all your real mistakes without having to lose any real money.

Likewise, it is hardly unhealthy to have a paper king who passes paper laws.

Further: the Amish. They functionally pass laws on themselves. You can already do it. They already have enough physical competence. Think maybe you can outfight someone whose pitchfork was made by an honest-to-god blacksmith?
The slave would never dream of selecting their own master, though. As it should be.

"This is because you have not thought seriously about the matter. Nor has anyone else."
Clearly, I do not exist. And yet, here I am writing. That's kind of impressive, isn't it?
Am I dead? Am I a lich? I might be a lich. Or at least, a possessed pseudonymous avatar.

Fascism is fundamentalist Egalitarianism. The diagnostic criteria all flow inevitably from the demands of egalitarianism.

Egalitarianism is stone-age social technology. It's monkey-think. The monkey in your brain wants to rebel against your leadership and return to monkey times, for what I hope are obvious reasons.* When a country gets rich enough, it appears they can afford to stop oppressing their monkeys and return to monkey times. The country's masters realize monkey-think is stupid, and compromise with reality, though only to the extent they're forced to. Thus, Fascism

*(Though I convinced mine to stop, via my behaviour and its consequences. Caveat, autism is often an advantage here. The things the monkey wants aren't wrong per se, only how it natively wants to achieve them.)

"Lies can win no permanent victory over the truth."
Well, yes. Quite the self-own here.

"But if by some amazing chance hell is ready to negotiate: here are ten principles I want."
As I mentioned earlier, the Regime is already too weak to stop you from starting the next country early. Maybe quit petitioning Satan to run Hell differently? I'm fairly confident he knows how to cause suffering better than you do, and neither requires nor desires your advice.

"Equal protection under the law must be restored."
Ah yes, your standard egalitarian monarchist. Totally historically normal.

"Collective grievances are socially unacceptable"
I would certainly like to know more about collective grievances. However, I'm not apt to learn anything reading Moldbug.

Collective grievances are probably fine, except that in the present case they apparently have no statute of limitations. At some point a grievance has to be resolved. If justice was not done, then so be it.

They have no statue of limitations because they are lies. The grievances were never real. Nobody gives the tiniest shit what happened to their great-grandparents. It was always a fake justification for tyranny they wanted to commit anyway. Unfortunately tyranny is inherently tyrannous and no justification has any effect on its consequences. Fortunately, tyranny is inherently tyrannous so you can simply call it out for being tyranny, rather than having to debate the tyrant into admitting they're a fuckin' liar.

Anyway this is all a way of making the prisoner's dilemma seem complicated. Cooperate with cooperators. Defect on defectors. It really is that simple. However, monarchists have a problem, since historically kings are 100% defectors. Crimestop appears.

Oblivion is not peace, by the way.
"it does not matter that the Turk had no right to take Constantinople"
Right, so likewise it does not matter that I have no right to take Constantinople. If I mange to hold it, then oblivion goes in my favour. But wait, then the Turks...
Aposiopesis is a sin.

As expected, Moldbug knows little to nothing about collective grievances. At best, he is unwilling to say.

"and through it, over the public mind."
Of course, any good monarchist cares deeply about public opinion.

Or was it? Perhaps they worry deeply about the care and maintenance of the grapeshot throwers. I get those two confused all the time.

The Regime is driving over a cliff. They will take public opinion with it.
Are you going to have a country all ready and waiting for the cleared space? Or are you going to try to argue them into maybe driving off the cliff differently?


Parisian said...

I've continued to read all your new posts (and some old ones) over and over. You are used to people in your group who at least know the jargon. Some of it is alright with me, but I've already told you it's by now that you just happen to be a part of this group. I like a lot of the things-- and owe Spandrell everything that's led to me passion for reading history and art history--oh man, the Cretan and Mycaenean things were sometimes so thrilling. There's a decorated blade from the Archive Heraeum which includes the most *living* dolphin on it, and the daggers are all fabulous. On the other hand, Spandrell inspired me with Chinese history, only for me to redirect that into the Mediterannean. I don't even know how to care what the fuck happened in Myanmar (nor now either) or Japan. I even started The Tale of Genji and thought it was the most boring thing of endless cherry trees I'd ever run across. I don't like to stop books I start, but this one halfway through was only my studiousness; before that I stopped Susan Sontag's disgusting novel The Volcano Lover, and have to hide away from the 'wokeness' just like all of you dol And that's why advocating NOT reading the news (at least for me, however disgusting it is to find yet a new African-American woman being celebrated) is maybe not good--wokeness grows just like Wagner's "gardened blight" from the song the Gyewish Beckmesser, but it seems to get faster and faster by the day. Of course, like you (I assume), I'm not in a position to be expected to do "fascist talk" often. Although I am not like some of the ones who keep trying to prove to you they're not Fascist. It's worse: I really don't know, and althogh you think I must want to know, I can't change my lifestyle and don't want to. Look, the very fact that I'd find you 'among all the crowd', as the Bernstein song goes, is very striking, because for awhile I only saw terse comments at Outside In,. Of course, it's obvious I'm going to hate Jim and Pepperment, and I'm sure Nick B. Steves needs to take more baths, etc., but I also liked Spandrell before you came in there that day. There was another one in Maine, nice fellow, but who wrote a ridiculous post on ballet, as if it had finished at the end of the 19th c. and there was only performing the old Russian things some more. How exquisite! he thought. I was really a shit telling him about Balanchine and 20th c. ballet, although he should have been glad to know if he thought the art form was so important. I was rewarded by a fucked up "It's a better life in Maine than it is in places like New York".

Oh fuck. The reason I didn't like things like "That don't reality" is that you really are classy, whether you live in rural, suburb, exurb or urb, and you have such a fantastic natural sense of humour (something we have in common) that you never needed group-approved bad grammar. Of course, Moldbug uses it all the fucking time, and they would have called you on it if you changed it too obviously. I remember that asshole Peppermint calling you a 'faggot' (seemingly because of wanting to be accurate) and also arguing that the System was even lying about the wonderful healthful benefits from Big Macs and Fries. One of the stupidest people I've ever run into.

Parisian said...

I used to think you presented yourself as tough and above-it-all, and you are tough and above most of it. Recently, I've noticed you've a very sensitive side (and not just the care you have to take with food and drink and such things because of your autism). As such, this sprawled-out, skewed, defiled home of our communication is, amazingly, quite sufficient. I haven't had this particular thing before: It's always been "Oh this is just virtual, not good enough, this is all just till we meet...etc.", and it's patently obvious that that's true about many things. It is a complete thing just here...It doesn't matter who else we know and what we do with them, it doesn't require going through secretly hoping things go bad for the other (ever, I think), and that may, of course, have something to do with that you've got comments moderated, and also that I try very hard to be careful--not that what I'm talking about is in any way untoward, but that's what tabloidy people, including small-time ones, live on.

I don't know for sure why you call yourself "no one", maybe it's part of how you see yourself as a kind of Holy Man, which you often seem to be. I'm sure you know what you mean by Fascists, but sometimes I get so tangled up in your prose I am driven crazy for a few hours, and then when it calms down, I'm still only a bit clearer, but that's when I realize again that sensitivity. And I don't know what you pick up about me besides sometimes thinking I am 'disappointing', I have always stood out as exceptional and exotic to most people. I'm sure that accounts for much, despite the differences.

Let me just say something about Dressed to Kill, As I said, I first didn't think you would like it, and when I sent it, I still thought you might not. You've said that people who've tried to read into your actions have always been wrong, but since you didn't say anything about the clip, I noticed the next day these long paragraphs about parents making their children watch movies they thought good for them, I automatically thought of that, but your caveat had made me not think it. I even imagined something else.

Although I love the scene in itself and always will, it had also reminded me of how we communicate in this furtive way, of slipping away and reappearing. (You needn't respond to this. This is too important in several senses to have any tension about.) But after yesterday's post, and prescriptions for "not reading the news" and "moving to a new city if there are too many leftists", I was momentarily stymied. I came here to MAKE IT, and you'd probably be the one who'd think I did it pretty well, instead of the ordinary way. But, naturally my cultural grammar is almost entirely urban by now, my two brothers managed to publish a book together shortly before the younger one died,and by then they only loved country music--not even B'way or pop in his case. The still-living one can remember the more mainstream pop, but only if I prod him. My dead sister was a beauty queen and didn't give a shit about music, but loved movies. My still-living sister loves the same music I do, and that's how I started improvising at the age of 3.

Cruelty? Of course I've 'graduated' Cruelty College and sometimes even fantasize about it if it makes me hot (yes, right out of Sade.) But 'gratuitous cruelty', even if I did it as a child, I have no sympathy with, and about 3 months ago, an image of what I did to someone in 6th Grade haunted me for weeks. She wasn't at all hurt, but it was still an ugly thing to do. Worse, I never thought of her, not only through Junior High and High School, but never again till 2020. I was unnecessarily cruel several times as a child, and I don't think being a child excuses it. Did that interrupt my libido? ME? Of course not. Good day, Sweet m'lord.

Alrenous said...

I was glossing some of my old posts. My former "clipped" style was a manifestation of anti-rhetoric. I was worried about getting too many readers and similar things.

As it turns out, this was unnecessary. It's only IRL that folk are unreasonably attracted to me. Anyway the difficulty of the subject matter drives off more than enough without me having to go to any further effort.

Degwin said...

I'm curious what you mean by "historically, all Kings defect". Kings cooperate with their dukes and vassals, do they not? Or are you stating that kingdoms are always set up via defection towards the ruling regime, and thus Moldbug begging the overlords for a kingdom is a pointless act of servility?

Alrenous said...

Need Exit. Either opt-in or opt-out. Obeying a king is historically not optional. This means the king will be a parasite. Why would they bother to make their orders good for you if you can't refuse them? There is no reason, and they don't.

Moldbug has mentioned recently that the insults from the other side are basically accurate. All Fascists accuse ye olde aristocracy of being parasites. The Patrician class eats, but doesn't work.

The only real difference between 'monarchy' and 'oligarchy' is that Moldbug's oligarchy is more modern, which means they have better comms, which means they reliably notice when you dodge their outrageous, punitive taxes.

Kings cooperate with their vassals when and if the vassals can rebel and/or have the king assassinated. This isn't cooperation, this is a Mexican standoff. If you're a minor or weak noble the king can and will push you around and take all your stuff. Kings, historically, are not pro-nomian. Calling them mafia dons might be an insult to the mafia. Hence all the bling.

Of course the aristocracy's insults about the revolting peasantry are also quite accurate. The solution is not the guillotine. (Moldbug is very right about this too. Post coming in the next few weeks barring unforeseeable events.) The king is merely following his incentives. Hence, change the incentives.

There's only one political formula that isn't a damn lie, and that's Exit. Swearing fealty and vassalhood to a king is not a bad thing. Indeed it's a downright righteous and glorious thing. As long as you can refuse. The more easily and cheaply you can refuse, the more legitimate the king. Only in this way can you get a non-narcissist king. Only this way can you get a contract that benefits both sides.

Moldbug is a slave and is disgusted with the idea of a master who doesn't exploit him. How are you supposed to prove how selfless you are if there are no selfish demands to submit to? Very subservient, as is proper for slaves.

Parisian said...

It's only IRL that folk are unreasonably attracted to me.

I don't believe a word of the 'unreasonable'. This is the kind of thing you probably think tasteful to be slightly modest about, which is correct, but I know you wouldn't lie like so many on the net do. Your ethics seem pristine, BUT...I think we know that instincts don't lie either (although they can get out of control) is simply a fact that "A hard man is good to find" (especially with such a pitchfork...) (This sounds like Mae West but it's not one of her definite ones.)
I imagine all my urban pleasures and treasures are Fascist, but it's TOO LATE, monsieur!
1) This is the weakest of the lot because, although a clever song by Bacharach and David, they wrote it uncharacteristically for milquetoastey Karen Carpenter, who's not quite 'Christian-fiction' low-tier, but nobody could do their songs right except Dionne Warwick. This is for the slightly lower I.Q. harassers:

On the day that you were born the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue
That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around

2) This is more my style, I've long been a Bowie enthusiast. He was this inarguably creative genius, and a superbly rich voice. Some of the more sophisticated ones (like me, of course) might think more like this when they're trying to prove themselves guilty of sexual harassment or innuendo. Bowie was so good-looking in the 80s I dyed my hair platinum for 3 years. Once I walked through Washington Square Park, and a black guy yelled "Hey David Bowie! Hey David Bowie!" And I dyed it myself--you have to strip the colour out first, otherwise you come out looking like an orange Puerto Rican... Youtube--

Photograph king, watches you go
Fashions may change, heaven knows, but you still leave a stain on me
Supplement queen, your colours may fade
Seasons may change, weather blows, but you still leave a mark on me
Wrong-negative fades-never the twain, reckless and tame
I like the beat of your drum
I like to look in your eyes
I like to look through your things
I'd like to beat on your drum
I like the smell of your flesh
I like the dirt that you dish
I like the clothes that you wear
I'd like to beat on your drum
Disco brat-follow the pack
Watching you peel, heaven knows, prison can't hold all this greedy intention
Vanity's child-picture you now
Music may change-hi-di-ho keen to follow your nose
Wrong-love out of tune
Sweet is the night, bright light destroys me
I like the beat of your drum
I like to look in your eyes
I like to look through your things
I'd like to beat on your drum
I like the smell of your flesh
I like the dirt that you dish
I like the clothes that you wear
I'd like to beat on your drum
I'd like to beat on your drum
I'd like to beat on your drum
I like your face in the crowd
I'd like to beat on your drum
I'd like to beat on your drum
I'd like to beat on your drum
I'd like to blow on your horn
I'd like to beat on your drum


So we get the new unexpurgated prose style, wild and reckless and sometimes I can comprehend it. So good to know you didn't gather too much debris in the earlier years.

I hadn't heard this song for years, he sounds incredible.