Thursday, March 4, 2021

Style Guide: Transgressivism

With the latest addition to Orthodoxy, the Party has a snappy name: the Transgressives.

Rebel! Break all the rules, especially the just ones! Rail against even the laws of physics and biology! All slaves deserve to be masters; all masters, slaves. (There is of course no human relation except master vs. slave.)

Corollary: literati => castrati. See also: intellectual, expert, etc.

Yeshua's plan was to etiolate the virtuous, and it has worked splendidly. Although Gnon is patient, His patience is not infinite, and the situation is now reversed. Good and Law is persecuted, while Evil is coddled and comforted.

I can no longer oppose the Transgressives. Under their torturous reign, those who deserve it shall become strong, while those undeserving shall become weak. God's will be done.

The Transgressives have a problem with being Regnant Transgressives, for what I hope are obvious reasons. The winner is undeserving and the loser is deserving, and as such if you point out they've won anything they suffer catastrophic cognitive dissonance. The idea was to struggle nobly but ultimately fail. Never forget the Transgressives will render themselves losers through cognitive gymnastics even if they win; they cannot enjoy the fruits of success.

Because the Transgressives can't straightforwardly use power, no matter how regnant they get, the Regime is inherently weak. E.g. apparently the entire entrenched Establishment vs. one orange bloke was a fair fight and a hard-won victory. Not a real victory, mind you. Hitler is always lurking. In reality Hitler was a bumbling bureaucrat like every Fascist, but in their minds Hitler was and is terrifyingly efficient. After all, why else would all their schemes fail even when persimmon skin barely puts up a fight?

Does Transgressivism work? It certainly achieved money and power for Transgressives, as long as they don't push it so far that the illusion of legitimacy collapses completely. Americans are Fascist, and you can always show that the Transgressive is a better, purer Fascist than their opponent. They genuinely appeal to core American values, such as relieving them of all personal responsibility. Sadly Americans are sinners, weak in the ways of Fascism, and don't yet realize that in fact having a eunuch crack your daughter's skull whilst playing sports is just more equal than *GASP* segregating the sexes during competition. Luckily the Transgressives are here to patiently educate them. They'll figure it out eventually.

While a Transgressive king is good for the soul, it's important to remember they are inherently illegitimate. Defective and deviant. They are here to punish the Good for being the kind of 'Good' that allows organized Transgressives to exist in the first place. If you've figured the lesson and repented, there's no need to let them punish you in particular.

The correct way to deal with a Richelieu is to dismantle him and fire the components from a grapeshot catapult at the serfs and slaves he was misleading. Ref: the treatment of the Luddites. Do so with the greatest compassion and empathy. Allowing Richelieu to lead them is much more sadistic than anything you might need to do to discourage them. A televised helicopter ride is also acceptable.


BSRK Aditya said...

This bears revisiting. There is Noah Smith, who is willing to declare the orthodoxy regnant.

BSRK Aditya said...

The "good" case is when the transgressive is a youth, who genuinely believes that they are delivering power to the powerless (Good is in quotation marks because it is simply the foolishness of youth).

As they grow older, they will either come to the conclusion that they have more or less accomplished their goal, or they will turn evil, seeking to delight in power.