Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A World That the Children Made

What if that's exactly it? Earth is the toy creation of the Gods' children.

Prometheus as some asshole playing with his dad's tools. 

Jehovah tried to make a garden but his brother stole the lawn ornaments in a classic sibling rivalry episode. "You can come back in my Garden if you promise never to get stolen again! *pout*" Two childish brats.

If the place looks better than juvenelia you see around you, don't be surprised. Peasant << aristocrat << god.

Man copying their divine role models and making toy societies they don't care about. Acting like kids even if they aren't kids anymore.

 I do enjoy that whole [dystopia in G-major] thing the song has going on. "Happy technology~"


Parisian said...

This is slightly wicked, but I couldn't resist:

Acting like kids even if they aren't kids anymore.

(Must be sung in heavily Brooklyn Gyewish, as indicated by the Barbra Streisand exaggerations below)

We'ah children, needing oth-ahhhh...children
And yet letting a grown-up priiiiiiide
Hide all the need insiiiiiide
Acting children...than children


Prometheus as some asshole playing with his dad's tools.

Fuck yeah...just let me keep doing it. I mean, hey, I didn't know that it was that I absolutely needed spoonfeeding, but certainly not that you'd do it. I mean, I thought you were trying to tell me I was 'just another American'. Believe me, nobody deserves to get spoonfed by you more than I do (it seemed shameful till now, but there's no more time to think like children.) Who loves it more? I do such a lot in the flesh world, these lazy, louche, intermittent extensions into the machinery do nothing but further what was already too satisfying. I couldn't care less if this means I'm an *American Clown*. I must be one, since this proves I couldn't give a fuck what your politics are. Just don't devour me whole, as someone said you were trying to do. Rather, strict focus on separating off into featured zones explains the indisputable reason why we needed the toys--you can always find the precise location by remembering what you've been warned most against: It is always exactly there and nowhere else. There was no other reason to come to earth, I'd even thank God for it if I wasn't so busy. Of course, you can always get married even if it's illegal. One can do all sorts of illegal things still. I do think so-called 'gay marriage' is the most twee thing I ever heard of. And when I hear some dyke talking about "my wife", I am aware of the putrefaction. I hate 'his husband' too.

That's a beautiful song, I just listened to it several times. 2012 is not too distant. My pitch goes up and down when I haven't used it enough, but still I didn't find anything that close to G Major. Is it because we minimize the machinery that there's still a little time left not to be devoured by it, as many already have? Covid has always been about vast numbers getting devoured. And the landscape was already very barren well before it. We've both been more fortunate than most, and it's true, I've always been a splendid lawn ornament.

Parisian said...

No. I didn't think you'd put anything, but I don't care what it was and will not read it. I see you as murderous, and I don't look for ways to get injured if I know that's all I'll get. I was only sure of this by last night.

You can reach me by doing a specific kind of post, as I said, and that's it--which is fair, given that I don't know who you are or where. And I don't see why you would, nor do I see why I ever was so easily seduced. A specific post would at least not be ambiguous, even if it's hateful, as I imagine it would be. But anyway, I'm not expecting that. Neither did I expect to see a comment there, but know better than to look.

Or maybe someone was wishing you 'Happy World Autism Day'. Nick informed me of the existence of this around 2008, and again wrote about it this morning on Twitter, saying it is "probably so shut-in you wouldn't have heard about it". No, I was not able to make you into a normal socialite.