Wednesday, March 24, 2021

burgers lol

The average American is a devout Fascist, and deserves the punishment represented by their Transgressive masters.

Here, Moldbug nearly figures this out:
"We ate a dish that we served ourselves; we are still eating, and still serving. What did we do wrong? What did we think wrong?"
But, of course, doesn't quite figure it out, for the exact same crimestop reasons that belabour the minds of any Transgressive. You can't believe blacks have lower biological IQs because that justifies slavery or whatever, and you can't believe Americans are Fascists because that's a black pill.
The first step of solving a problem is admitting you have a problem, and the first step of perpetuating a problem is denying you have a problem.

Isn't it amazing? The author of AIACC, America is a Communist Country, has faith in government reports of infected and fatalities. (If you're ready for this faith to die in a fire, google worldometer and browse for a few minutes.) This is Dissidence in America. Goodness. No wonder the Regime pretends to uphold free speech. The CCP fervently wishes Chinese dissidents were this domesticated.

He also believes official Chinese reports. I assume this is due to a serious head injury in an unreported car accident. The one thing we know for certain about ncov in China is that we don't know anything about ncov in China. I figure they have internal numbers but they have certainly never exposed those numbers.

For maximum comedy value, he attributes the "sharp suppression" of ncov in part of Australia to government - in September. The start of Australian spring. Planet uses Summer! It is super effective!
Haha yeah you're a fox, not a hedgehog. Sure. Whatever you say. 

Reminder that in fact nobody died of ncov. Numbers are the same across every country. Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, America; crude death rate is not up. Normal variation only. You can of course fudge the numbers many ways, and in the post-2020-election world the fudge is very real indeed. They're totally brazen, because they finally noticed they can get away with it. However, the non-fudged numbers show you don't die of ncov. You die of being weak, e.g. old, and it happens to be ncov-shaped instead of flu-shaped this year, because ncov is more infectious so you get that first.

"By not being nihilists, we have made a choice; we have chosen the present over the future; we have chosen the real over the ideal."

Satan is proud of this one.

Nihilism is, in reality, about accepting what's actually there. It is about not letting your ideals get in the way of clearly understanding what's going on. Only once you've seen what's really there do you stand any chance of reacting logically to these events.

On another hand, many of Moldbug's points would be correct and applicable should a Spanish Flu 2.0 appear. Indeed I suspect this is what's really going on - he wants to talk about how America would be WTFPwned by a Black Death, which is absolutely true, so he's pretending kung flu isn't just a little cough. The Official numbers serve just fine for this narrative, so he runs with them. It's Trad and Lindy for Americans to lie all the time, after all.

On the third hand, the four horsemen go together. No war, no famine. No Famine, and illnesses can't become plagues. No Plague, no Death. Historical monarchies, which we all agree were superior to democracies, were also WTFPwned by the Black Death. China's response didn't work because China is Authoritarian, (if it really worked at all, which we can't say) it worked because the virus is weak and doesn't demand a response.
Lions don't try to chase down the largest buck antelope and microscopic animals can't kill a healthy human being. After all, we have our own microscopic killers.

Btw 'face diaper' lol. You let your government kidnap your children and indoctrinate them with slave mindsets using slave treatments, and you're getting activated about a bit of fashion? When they grow up they won't be able to get a job, a house, or a wife, but you're whining about a scrap of inconvenient cloth? Hey did you know 10,000+ blacks have been killed by BLM? Yeah but the ear loopies chafe my ears, bro. Americans lol

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