Friday, March 5, 2021

On Comment Captchas

I use a hack that lets me avoid doing Google's insufferable captchas when I comment on my own blog.

If you can't find your own hack, I would happily agree to a workaround, such as telling me you're posting your comments elsewhere, and I'll go read and/or respond to them there.


Parisian said...

Maybe since you found your own, it prevented it elsewhere? I haven't had anything to do except the green check mark for about a week now. I especially hate the 'Crosswalks' one.

Parisian said...

Peculiar how Scott Alexander has such a following. It's not oily like Moldbug's, but it has zero balls. (I followed Nick's link and then read some of the things on 'Class', including his.) Lots of it just sounded like bad Veblen--both Alexander's and Fussell's--I mean, they even did the flowers. The "too red" in anything including roses for the proles. They didn't even get upper class flowers right, nor one mention orchids, which are almost like animals, and the only ones worth paying attention to as individuals when you get jaded enough. "Upper Class" was supposed to usually be signalled by a lot of English things. I don't believe that; Frenchness is infinitely more developed, evolved, refined, but yeah, the Roast Beef of the English is divine. Is that all they eat though? Most of their things are slop if you don't research it. I admit I have researched English food and it's very good if you do it right yourself, or find the right place. I've done a Steak 'n' kidney that was fabulous, but English think Bangers and Mash is food. They'll give you a Mars Bar as a 'pudding'. But it doesn't even compare to French and Italian. What a bunch of les faiblesses. Man, they left out so many things that are fundamental to 1st World countries--like music and painting--and talked about the Super Bowl Snob Wars and Class signalling with yacht hierarchies. Alexander has this textbook style that nearly put me to sleep. At least Moldbug has character in his writing style--oily and vulgar often, but not 'no character'. Alexander has no character. Maybe that's the state of mind you develop to be sure the analysand stays calm enough not to violate you (I wonder how many of his patients have wanted to talk about the New York Times--every one, I'm sure, but made sure they didn't. Most people are SO fucking dull.) I don't know how I managed to read it, but the comments, forget it. He even does special posts on "Comments on Class Post", and everybody loves to talk about their class, and nobody seemed accurate on most things. It's true that you never "ooh and ahh" over rich people's treasures, but who didn't know that. Of course it's taken for granted, just like the food with the English--not talking about it at the table, total bullshit. It's not even better than WaPo comments, maybe even more somnolent.