Friday, March 19, 2021

Peasants Create Wealth and Problems: Plague Edition

That focus problem is real bad. On the plus side, it's not riddled with serious errors this time. That's nice.


For reference: 

The ncov problem is that China has a fraud problem.

The science problem is that it's nationalized. Every nationalized business produces crud and only crud, because crud is easier to produce and they get paid whether it's good or not. 

Don't forget ncov is not a genuinely dangerous disease. I don't know anyone who died of it and neither do you. There was no plague, luckily or unluckily.

The real problem is therefore the lord shortage. Peons find the opposite of nationalization to be inconceivable because they fundamentally model countries as 150-man bands run by an elder, chief, and shaman. (Merchant, warrior, priest.) 

The real implication of ncov appears to be that America, like any good woman, is prone to hysteria. Further, that no one is apt to let a "crisis" go to waste. America's ruling class has wanted to shut down the economy for decades, and now...

Since science is nationalized, there could be no scientific response to a plague. Since there are no lords, there could be no response at all aside from the knee-jerk reaction. 

I guess roads and electricity apply some basic discipline, because it's embarrassing when your roads are impassable. You can't hide it when the electricity has to shut off. No amount of propaganda can disguise these failures as success. Also, chemtrails principle: the rich get what they want. The rich also breathe air, which mean "chem" trails are just trails. The rich drives on roads too, which means they have to be usable. (It's more precise to say power brings money rather than money brings power. The wealth is an indicator, not a cause.)

Science in particular has to be nationalized, because proper scientists are always a threat to the Regime. You can't control what you learn, which means it will regularly be Offensive. You can, however, shut down the learning apparatus, via e.g. nationalization.
If you learn something and don't change your behaviour, you didn't learn anything. If you have to change your behaviour, it means your defence against change has failed. Cope breach.

Chinese cheat rules. Indeed they applaud the cheater and insults the victim. They only follow rules if there's immediate social pressure to do so; if someone who will call them on it is currently watching.
Hence the whole [social credit] system. Without threat of violent punishment they simply won't be pro-social. The average Ch*** can't cooperate; they can only be whipped into pretending. Of course, the credit system is nationalized, so...

(I still say the correct racial slur for Europeans is bigot. Baizuo sounds too elegant to be a proper slur.)

In other words, they cheat lab security rules. Unfortunately, these rules are not social rules. Nature? She is always watching. 

Man can play with fire. Fire is one of Man's defining features. Monkeys, however, should not play with fire. They will get burned with 100% probability. A Man giving Fire to Monkey constitutes arson.

Moldbug has to pretend that nationalized science can't be bad, because Cope. 

"The end result of the universal focus on relevance is… pervasive, systemic irrelevance."

If nationalization was inherently bad, it would strongly suggest coercive government is inherently deviant, and that conclusion is forbidden. Thus, crimestop.

"One of the foundational principles of 20th-century science is the idea that the British call the Haldane principle—that scientific funding should be directed by scientists. This seemed like a good idea at the time. After all, the 20th century was the golden age of the self-watching watchman."

Science is not directed by scientists. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and the scientists are not the ones paying for science. (Irresponsibility.) The Haldane principle is in fact the idea the overseer should never see anything. The purse-string holder should never trigger a string-closing. As per the usual sloppiness, Moldbug himself says it further up:

"When you take a project off the relevance list, you are wrecking the careers of a whole cohort of scientists. Q: Who has the power to do this? A: pretty much, no one."

Naturally a real Lord has no problems reassigning scientists without wrecking their careers, because he acknowledges the boss-peon relationship. America instead pretends the scientists are free agents, and when a field is closed it must have somehow been the peon's fault. Blame is conserved and has nowhere else to go. 

"The fourth meaning of Covid-19 is that no one is in charge."

Moldbug almost discovers the lord shortage.
There simply aren't enough of the in-charge kind of person to be in charge of everything being done. The only way to address this is to slaughter literally billions of peasants. This effort, too, would have to be overseen by peons. In the end, it will be overseen by Gnon.

"Any power that is not bureaucratic (ie, oligarchical) will be political (ie, democratic) or authoritarian (ie, monarchical)."

Fun fact: only monarchy exists, because someone must win conflicts.
When there is a decision to be made, someone succeeds in getting their preferred decision made. (Caveat: sometimes humans think it's their decision when it isn't.) This person controls the decision, thus owns the decision, and is thus the monarch.
A bureaucracy is crypto-monarchy. The monarch can retain control if and only if they are not seen as the monarch. Anyone claiming responsibility is openly declaring themselves a monarch, and immediately provokes a coalition to oust/usurp them. This does not mean ownership or responsibility vanishes. It only vanishes socially, becoming invisible to the social-epistemic. (E.g. Moldbug, Jim.) 

There is in fact someone who can close scientific purse-strings. Perhaps they would have to start small, but they definitely exist. However, they were specifically chosen, by their predecessor, as someone who loathes being prudent with the purse. Similarly, guess who they will choose as their own successor.

A monarch always exists; the monarch is not always seen as or held responsible for the decisions they make. That's the difference between left and right. Irresponsibility vs. responsibility. Lies vs. truth.

This is why it's so important to tell the truth. America is proper fucked because under no circumstances will Americans tell enough of the truth until Gnon starts killing them en masse. 

Again, don't forget ncov is not genuinely a dangerous disease. We can't call it just the sniffles because it doesn't normally make your nose run, but it is just a cough. It can only kill those who already have one foot in the grave. Basically America noticed, all of a sudden, that influenza kills a lot. Except, this influenza was a coronavirus instead, which defends against having to meta-notice that they didn't notice earlier.

Are they faking the numbers upward as a post-hoc justification for their hysteria? Fun fact: ncov 'cases' recently stopped tracking deaths in Canada; deaths are still going down. It would be awfully embarrassing to freak out this much about a little cough, wouldn't it? Did ncov cure the flu by killing them all first or was every American flu death attributed to ncov for that sweet sweet federal bounty cash?

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Kgaard said...

Yeah I thought that Moldbug piece yesterday was atrocious. Nauseating. He makes no points worth a damn and argues that the virus escaped accidentally. That is completely inconsistent with the associated evidence (i.e. how everyone responded).