Friday, July 15, 2022

this is fantastic

I cannot stop laughing.

I am Alre-nous, and this is my cut-rate knockoff, FakeNous.

What am I? I am what a university professor of philosophy would be like if they weren't retarded. You're here because you want to know, "What if philosophy professors said things, that happen to be counterintuitive, because they are true, instead of being iconoclastic to signal they can get away with it?" 

Genuinely couldn't be more on-the-nose if I had planned it.

As I've said before, I didn't even try to go into Academic philosophy, because even as a teenager I was fully aware there was no philosophy going on in philosophy departments. (Kripke is a clown. You're supposed to think it's funny.)
Try not to be more naive than teenager-version me. This should not be a difficult standard.


barabba said...

From the link:
here is what you might hope that people learn from studying World War II and the Holocaust:

1. Beware of charismatic leaders who exploit scapegoats.
2. Don’t give anyone absolute power.
3. Don’t blame a whole, huge category of people for your problems.
4. Society is not divided into good and bad races, genders, or other groups like that. Individuals must be evaluated as individuals.
5. Don’t just follow orders. Use your conscience.

It's a pity the last advice is actually sound. The preceding four, one ought to do the utter contrary.
I couldn't reach even halfway through the post. How can you wade through all that.

Alrenous said...

I didn't wade through it all. I skimmed and exploited the fact I can somehow evaluate a piece of writing without consciously reading it to do a few spot checks.

Did you know it's possible, with training, to accurately evaluate whether a piece is worth reading by opening it up and glancing toward it? Saves a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, aggravation.

At my level, if a piece seems repulsive, I merely let it repel me and move on with my day.


Scapegoats => Fascism diagnostic point 3.
If you can "give" them power they in fact have no power; you do. What was granted can be taken away. Anyway kratia is a degenerative drug. Go for dunamis instead.
Proper responsibility means blaming yourself for everything that happens to you. Even if you aren't strictly to blame, you can't control anyone else's behaviour, so focusing on your own actions solves problems and focusing on others' actions doesn't. Accepting blame is dunamis and rejecting blame is for losers. (Don't lie tho.)
Society is divided into friends, allies, neighbours, strangers & foreigners, opponents, and deviants or criminals. I think everyone can judge a book by its cover, although I in particular have savant-like direct access to the system.

barabba said...

Yeah well in the case at hand one could argue he was not "blaming a whole, huge category of people for your problems", but just stating out loud how the world went. No one in his time called him out as childish and immature.
Demonising, unopposed propaganda throughout the decades has warped the message down to 'psychopath madman and his guilty nation of blind followers exterminates pious and defenseless outgroup. Said nation will from now on carry the sin with them forever'.

But thank you for the heads up about dunamis.

Alrenous said...

"No one in his time called him out as childish and immature."

barabba said...

Obviously no one inside the country , able to see the situation for what it was.
Of course, you'll always get disingenuous haters as well, especially if you successfully push back against their schemes on your people. Political satire is still well alive nowadays.