Monday, July 25, 2022

Ascended Aside: Sociology is Easy, Immigration Edition

"Now, the people who wrote it knew that it would be so naturally spent a lot of time trying to convince everyone else that, in fact, it was no big deal.

""This is not a revolutionary bill," assured Lyndon Johnson when he signed it – he first tip that it was, in fact, a revolutionary bill."

The fact he had to make these defences immediately shows you that attacks along this line had been made.
As always, the fact such a defence was necessary - especially when it was already being signed - is immediate strong evidence for the opposite. The lady doth protest too much. 

"It's all bitterly amusing when you look back at it, because, of course, that is precisely what this bill did."

Indeed, exactly what it was intended to do. They were just lying about it. 

That's what you get when you sign up for coercive, deviant government. Perverse political incentives. Everyone competes to make the voters dissent the most, by causing them to suffer exactly enough that they won't actually do anything about it. 

Mainly it was about funding "The American Dream" though. Without rabidly crazy zoning laws, there wouldn't be enough energy behind immigration to get much done. Immigrants give suburbs new subsidies, and then the Sophists can skim some off the top of the subsidies. Someone has to administrate them, after all. There's sinecures to hand out to your supporters. The more immigrants, the more graft; there's your actual incentive. 


New conspiracy theory: what if they absolutely had to eject Trump since the suburbs would imminently fall apart without a massive immigrant-fuelled rain of subsidies?

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