Thursday, July 14, 2022

In case anyone was interested in thinking about culture wars as opposed to doing tribal signalling

Alternatively: Rectification: Culture War


You can't win a culture war as normally defined. In such a culture war, you're actually both part of the same culture; cultures form a game theoretic game, meaning they have more-winning strategies, meaning they have Nash equilibria, both local and global. If you have decided you need to engage in a culture war, you have already lost, because the reason your opponents have the high ground is because they're humbly respecting the local game. The underdog is trying to "win" a culture war by disrespecting the nature of the culture they're trying to win. The winners are trying the Nash equilibrium and the losers are rebelling against the idea that the Nash equilibrium is an equilibrium. Neo-Nazism is a variety of Judaism. 

To wage a winnable culture war, first you must surrender and quit. (Hence passivism.)

You must have a genuinely different culture than the opponent. 

Don't be Satanists, you prats. If you want to win against Christians, you have to be Zeusists or Odinists or Shivaists or whatever, and then play the Zeus game better than they're playing the Yeshua/Satan game. 

Then you realize: actually, what foreigners believe is none of your business. If they want to be deluded, that's between them and god.
The point I hit endlessly: be Amish. The concept is already proved. Trying to win is losing; you inherently legitimize their power when you try to take their power. You're trying to out-lie Satan. Morons, don't try to seize the throne of Hell; even if you could succeed, your reward would be a load of Hell. Especially don't try to seize it through treachery. Try not to forget that eternals >> mortals.

The Satanists can't stop you from being Amish. Or Zeusist. Or, like me, Alchemist. Accept that, when your opponents choose Satan, you have already won. 

Satan never had any power. To repeat myself again: Christian Satanology is all terribly on-point. If you said, "Get thee behind me, Satan," Satan just kind of had to do it. Satan only had power if he could convince you to fight him for the power, which let him appropriate yours. 

Quit fighting and accept victory already. There is no need for a war. There is no genuine conflict; Satan, father of lies, was just pretending

If it's really that important to you, if you really can't mind your own business: the only way to win a culture war is with a regular-ass war. With like tochka-Us and kalibrs and howitzers and stuff. Belief flows from the barrel of a gun. Convert them by the sword or you reveal you yourself are a Satanist.

You're not a rat in a cage. The cage isn't even real, bro. Just like turn off the screen. Walk away. Touch grass, as they say. (I prefer pigweed, it's edible.) 

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