Saturday, July 23, 2022

Musk Can't Buy Twitter Because it's State-Owned

You can't just buy out the government like that. 

Trump's "own" of Musk highlights his greatest value-add: bureaucrat-whispering. Musk somehow convinces the corruption to work on his side instead of against him, and as a result has the least expensive rocketry anywhere by far. 

Can you imagine? What if they let billionaires buy local police departments? It would be so embarrassing when security prices dropped by 9/10ths there, along with crime rates. 

The problem is that the bureaucrats whisper back, and someone told Musk it's better for his health not to buy Twitter. "Yeah you joked about's not a joke, bud."

(Moral: seize the long end of the stick. If the government is handing out free money, ensure it's handing it out to you.)

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