Saturday, July 16, 2022

All Government is Graft & The Why of Voting

If there is a government, it is a graft scheme. Period. No exceptions. No reasonable person can disagree.

America is actually 500+ countries. This is much of the reason it's so expensive; the result of overlapping jurisdictions is a bunch of redundant graft. You pay through the nose for the tiny crumbs of service you get out of the frankenstein abomination. 

But why are there services at all? It would be cheaper and better for everyone to avoid that unpleasant complication. "I have stick, you give cash." "Okay."
A: political formulae. Every government department is basically this: "Wait, a political formula lets you steal without being seen as a thief and thus fooling their immune system. What else can we include in the formula?" Hence the department of transportation needs to at least maintain the polite fiction of a road network. Grudgingly, you get something which nearly resembles a service out of the deal.

While voting is broken in nearly every way and never had the slightest chance of being effective, you still need voting booths and campaigns and stuff or the "We totes a democracy" fiction breaks down entirely. However, it is, inevitably, merely another graft scheme. The point of voting is to pay off the supporters of the voting department.

And that's why America likes having more voters. That's why so they're so anxious for you to get out and vote. The more voting booths they have to run, the more excuses for graft they have. If natives subconsciously understand the scam and stop going, they will import foreigners. Coercive government is inherently cancerous; if it is not growing, it is dying. Worse, unlike a dying cancer cell, a dying government can declare war, effectively metastasizing on purpose. 

Can't have that, now can we? All State departments must grow.

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