Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Jan 6 Protesters Wanted to be Arrested

Jan 6 protesters demanded arrest and the Regime supplied arrest. The invisible hand strikes again.

Did they not go to school? Of course they went to school. First lesson: the Regime protects criminals (bullies) from their victims' legitimate self-defence, instead of protecting victims from criminal trespass. Second lesson: you don't get detention for breaking the de jure rules (bullies again), you get detention for agitating against the Regime. 

You can be comically "disruptive" in class and they can barely send you out of class. Mess with a teacher's desk and you're apt to lose all the non-class time for a week, if you're not straight suspended. Imagine what would happen to someone who stole the homework while she wasn't looking. Breaking windows costs the school money, they will launch a rabid manhunt for you. Say something unkind to the principle while non-Bantu? Get fucked, bitch. 

You can vandalize other <strike>student's</strike> victim's desks all you want. Sneak into the principle's office and vandalize his? Too scary to even contemplate. Doesn't occur to anyone. 

Did you not know Charlottesville happened? Permit revoked post-facto, remember that? This is not exactly the first hint, guys. Remember when they audited specifically Christian and other R-voting non-profits for tax evasion? Jan 6 arrests came out of the opposite of nowhere. There's so many it all kind of blurs together and it's hard to remember individual incidents.

Nobody is this stupid. At least, nobody who can tie their own shoes. Children work out these rules without anyone having to say anything, and now we're pretending grown-ass men are too airheaded to work it out after direct verbal warnings?


If you showed up to the Jan 6 protest, you were angling for an arrest, because you wanted to be arrested. Even if you really were that airheaded, when it started going weird you should have skedaddled. Gotta get that v-card punched, and of course v stands for victim. Beat me harder mommy. 

It's not even just or unjust, it's a market transaction. They went to the arrest store because they wanted to buy an arrest, and it turns out arrests were in stock.


P.S. The fact the school system has to protect bullies reveals that bullies are weak. In a shocking twist, we are told bullies are cowards and bullies are in fact cowards. My mind legit blown a little. If bullies were self-sustaining the teachers would not have to bother to run interference for them. The bully can hardly do anything to you unless the teacher supports them. 

Turning this around, the solution to bullying (crime) is to interrupt the crime-suppression system. If you have to suppress crime you're saying the citizens are weak and can't sustain themselves. They will respond to this message by obediently becoming weak and thus opening up too many criminal opportunities to suppress even if the system were legitimately trying to do that. 

If you have no police system, the potential victims defend themselves until there's no criminals left to defend against.


barabba said...

Brilliantly put.
In my mind I can see the line of police in heavy gear every time I stumble onto a loutish vibrant (bully) and feel compelled to action. Cops (teacher) are not there, but I can see them nonetheless, so I back down.

I have been an avid reader, and quite a regular one for some time. Came here after your comments on Unz.
Keep it up, your posts are ace. Consistently, which is the most appreciable aspect.

Alrenous said...

I recently found out some towns have experimented with mandatory gun ownership.

Burglary drops by more than 90%.

Rape drops by 86%.

Whelp. Now you know what disarming the population is for.