Thursday, July 21, 2022

Public Health is Unhealthy and Private

Do: anti-smoking campaign
(tobacco is medicinal for ~20% of the population)

Don't: anti-noise pollution campaign
(noise is medicinal for <0% of the population)

Never forget ambulances are loud enough to permanently damage your hearing in under a second. This is not some weird coincidence, it is exactly what you should be expecting.

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JBPGuy said...

Public health is more about legitimising moral panics.

Great example : Tipper Gore.
One of her great personal causes was censorship of bad words.
But she was also a public health advisor. (not that she was wrong in the latter - very strong advocate for mental health awareness).

But you see.. the connection between morality and public health.

It's the public good. The public interest. The HEALTH of the people!!!