Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thread too Vague to Have Meaning


Has 'philosopher' in the name, which predicts
1) Lacks physicist/engineer ability to be specific.
2) Too ivory tower to use examples.

Result: Kolmogorov complexity of zero. You can hear nothing from this thread unless you already know what it's trying to say. It doesn't let you do anything you couldn't already do, and as such reading it is a waste of time.

If you want to describe things in terms of Forms, you need to describe it for long enough that a computer could model the thing based on your description. If the computer can't tell what you said, nobody else can either. It's faster to anchor the screed in concrete examples. Examples such as computer code. Outsource the description to your readers' memories, rather than trying to describe the whole thing from first principles. Plato was a fag and acting like him makes you a fag too.

I put no particular emphasis on knowing yourself, except as is necessary for practicality. If you do things which surprise yourself and that messes up your plans, then you need to know more to get that to stop happening, now don't you? It's a means, not an end. 

For me it's an end because all knowledge is an end. The only thing special about self-knowledge is that for this task my self is a primary tool, like a lathe or drop hammer, and needs extravagant maintenance to meet the harsh demands I put on it.

As such, like all universal morality, I judge [know thyself] to be social nonsense. It's professed because you want to make friends with others who profess the same. It's a green beard, not a genuine belief. It's said for the sake of saying it, not for the sake of thinking it. As such, having no concrete description is an asset, not a liability. Your new friends don't want to have to, like, hold to any discipline imposed by the green beard. How are they supposed to kto kogo if they do that? Aren't you ultimately joining them for the same reason?

[Know thyself] is of no interest to scholars except for sociologists who study it as a specimen of green beards.


Plato said...

"Outsource the description to your readers' memories, rather than trying to describe the whole thing from first principles."

The idea is we were all at one point celestial beings that fell into the world and thus we know eveything already, we just have to work really hard to remember it. This woUKld probably be defended with examples of things where you kind of suspect you always knew it yet just realized it. I outsource those examples to your memory. Lol.

Alrenous said...


JBPGuy said...

>we just have to work really hard to remember it.
So work really hard and tell me what I'm thinking.
You know already, right?

Plato said...

Only works on forms bro, not what you're thinking right now.