Monday, November 21, 2022

Explicitness: School is a Humiliation Ritual

Part of the slave-socializing is the fact Prussian school is a long-form humiliation ritual. The point is exactly to have stupid and brutish teachers, because humbling yourself before a superior specimen isn't very humiliating. 

You're required to pretend to be inferior to the worst scum they can dredge up, in the hopes that the circuit works backwards and you convince yourself that you are indeed superlatively inferior. Training the entire populace to be omega. 

And then some folk voluntarily sign up to perpetuate this system.


JBPGuy said...


Difference between teachers getting caught out for beating children for no good reason with sticks and getting caught out for talking to children about their sexuality constantly?

I think there is no such difference.

Libsoftiktok in 1966 would be in just as much trouble with the (self proclaimed) social ruling class.

Alrenous said...

The difference is no ""student"" can see the stick-wielding teachers as allies. Less traitorous. Had to put a stop to that.

JBPGuy said...

Oh, yes. Very very good point.

TheFeebleClone said...

Look at the demeanor of this nice man.
Here is a big intellectual, expressing delighted surprise. at the enthusiasm for social emotional learning, diversity, intersectional identities in Alberta. Those banal buzzwords are genuinely dangerous in their own right, they are a uniform and a disguise.

Teachers are asking students to write essays on the questions like: "should I burn down my parent's home?".
Introduce the children to being comfortable with the possibility, a "safe space" to incubate the idea of killing their own child. Of sacrificing their own country. They prey on their innocence intellectually as much as sexually.

The undercurrent of his arrogance at a time which the Alberta lesson outlines on parenthood were planned by planned parenthood.