Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Certain September Date vs. False Flags

When you're running a false flag attack, you pick a symbolic target, not a strategic target. Gets folk riled up without affecting your warfighting capability. However: strategy is counter-intuitive. Your enemies (who are your own people in this case) also know this is how false flags work, so you should do your best to seem like you're attacking a strategic target. Absolutely smash that useless but emotionally dense symbol, while doing little more than scratching the paint on the strategic target.

Alternative hypothesis: an enemy force carried out a pitch-perfect false flag attack. In other words too stupid to focus their efforts on strategic targets, but not too stupid to pull off the attack in the first place. An unlikely combination.

Presidents of the United States are traditionally traitors. Almost every one has betrayed America in one way or another. Perhaps Trump, being too smart to play the game (and thus neutering himself) accidentally ended up as the first American president who isn't guilty of high treason. Which is why they hate him so much.

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parisian said...

I shouldn't need to mention this but probably do: lies are irresponsible.

They're not (always.) Or not (always) perceived to be. It's a matter of who tells them or acts on them. It's according to whether they are small-time or big-time. Or that's how you present it anyway. That's why one might be cordial with one's enemies, as you are, but maybe it's no one's fault that they become so extremely partisan. You're only different in that you do converse some, but you don't really argue with me. That's more than I can say for the others. But it was your corrupt rightism that determined that we were enemies. I often forget we are. You seemed to as well, but may not have, being not only very bright but quick as well.

The core of all leftism is irresponsibility.

The cores of both leftism and rightism are irresponsibility. It's absolutely true that it is not impossible to pick and choose from both of these, and also from the less brazen products. That's what, to spoonfeed it with a concrete example known to both of us, is so good about Ron Unz's site. There are total Trump-haters and total Trump-worshippers there. I am frankly amazed at what he and Sailer allow to be said there, in Unz's case because he's Jewish, and there's also serious anti-Jewish talk there, has been from him and has been from me without my getting censored. Unz's piece on 9/11 and Mossad was very intelligent.

Even if Trump is the only president who isn't guilty of high treason, he had to pay the price for it by 'neutering himself'. Or maybe he could have done something else. At least that's what you wrote. Maybe the neutering was a kind of martyrdom practised by the Desert Fathers and other early Christian flagellants. Could mean no more Stormy Daniels types hauling ass.

My enthusiasm has mostly been aesthetic (writing style, etc.), although you've said some very substantial things to me that I wouldn't have expected.

There's so much mental illness everywhere, it's hard to know who is and who is not. In any case, it looks like most of the members arrived despite the various obstacles (I don't care if they're true either, Moldbug was right, it does work that way--or I would care if I thought the doubters were at all truthful, but might does make right, unarguable, till you fight it off with might + right), and a huge surprise is not expected for today. On the other hand, there may be some you'll enjoy on Wednesday, and if antifa and BLM come to battle with the Proud Boys, then we'll have a gutter bedroom farce, now won't we?

Of course, as to your 'siding with Nick' on whatever, I have always been fully aware that you are not on 'my side' (and probably didn't even watch Diamonds, likely immediately condemning it as 'leftist'), , which is something I've never known what is since I voted for Trump in 2016, but didn't vote at all in 2020. I still think you are a nice fellow, Good M'lord (that's what Hamlet says to Horatio, in case Possum came in to accuse me of deserving Shill Red-Pilled Woman Test Death Penalty--god, that 'Peppermint' was fucking stupid dumbass--loved when he talked about Taylor Swift), and it was kind of you to be passive-aggressive at letting me know this, if you actually thought you needed to. I think that's not unimportant, because if I were as leftist as you probably think, I wouldn't be reading you closely and speaking to you. It will be a hard week on everybody.