Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Online Personality, Thaumaturgically

My problem with social media:
You can casually combine a Rules of Nature person with a Witch/Nectar person into one consistent individual. Not even hard. The full range of human experience is heckin' wide, and praise be to Gnon.

The heart is glorious because it is weak. What's the point of having a tough exterior if you don't have a gooey interior? "I was worried about my armour so I armoured it." Err, good joke?

Prey, too, can be glorious. Imagine you have nothing. No weapons, no brains. Despite this, when the lion comes for you, you live. The wolf slavers for your delicious organs, but her pack goes home hungry. Booyah! The predator is strong in body and the prey is strong in soul.

On Twitter you have to confine yourself to a monochromatic wavelength of light or you confuse your followers. Followers refuse to engage deeply enough to permit Tweeters to develop into interesting characters. On Twitter you have to be boring, a liar, or a nonentity. Selection against non-NPCs.


Alrenous said...

I am vicious, savage predator. If it doesn't seem that way you're letting my stripes blend into the grass.

I have figured out what I want most of all: respectable prey. You're supposed to run away, fuckers! Don't just stand there and let me eat you! Do I have to start wearing a neon sign for this to even resemble a challenge?

On the savannah, the predators pick off the lame and sick, because the healthy struggle too effectively. But, if the prey is so weak it can't even struggle, it's too corrupt to be edible.

Parisian said...

So you're vicious, savage predator, a 'douche', and this morning you got very excited and got a bonanza. I thought it was pretty exciting too, and Hurlock's comment being posted even before I praised his writing was pretty cool. I know now to always copy my comments, though, because in that way you do sometimes 'eat me'. I usually do anyway and store them till you've published them, but I forgot these last two, one of which was published. Maybe you thought it was 'too gay'. I am NOT gay. I just didn't like the idea that you really might have suffered those 14 years to such a degree you looked like Stephen Hawking, might have been born with birth defects--you could still be a genius like he was. But therein lies my weakness--I would have had to invest in slight pity. 'Beds probably don't work for you' because you may be a big galoot, which is much better to imagine than that it was something misshapen that made you not working well with bads. That, and all that stuff you wrote a few months before I started writing here again about Stalin's deformities. Oh well, I guess you could still have them; god knows he was handsome too. Possum thinks well of him, but that's a bit too sophisticated an opinion for me.

A neon sign, yes, might be good, because you're also a rustic. If your stripes were big, you might be a King Snake and easily seen in most grass; if small, the deadly Coral Snake, but they have to bite you in the tender flesh between fingers. You are not an 'urban degenerate' like me, Moldbug and Nick. A brilliant physicist, mathematician, and logiomancer can also be a rustic, and I am sure you want to remain so--it has an air of healthiness, just as Moldbug says, and you . Swains can be very seductive, of course, although I've recently found that I like dressing up and others who do so more than I used to. I've got a fine collection of Italian ties, but I want a new suit, although mine are still in good shape. That's what I really addition to...respectable prey for me as well. That's why we might actually meet one day, but only in Ur. I don't want to ever meet you in New York or wherever the hell you are, because the online persona always seems stronger after your entire exchange has been done on the net.

Crazy, beautiful stuff, though, because very Minotaur, which is all over my Minoan studies. Someone likened me to the Minotaur some years ago, so nice to meet such a kindred predator--with or without kindred spirit. Your observation about 'every man is a communist about what he knows least'.

Parisian said...

I didn't look at the youtubes yet, today you have a lot to be digested. If it is wolfed down like the hill crackers do grease, it won't be like Custard.

Yes, here's a good example of the Blessings of the Rustic. At first fuck, Lady Chatterley claimed that it 'had meant more for him [Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper]', but as repetition set in, she started suddenly feeling "a fulfillment", then "another fulfillment", and then "one fulfillment after another". There's something superficially similar in The Go-Between, but L.P. Hartley's Lady Trimingham definitely consumed only the hard parts, not the 'gooey'. I know what you think about advice, but you might want to rethink the usage of 'gooey'.

Moldbug said something in this piece about how *GAY* it was to 'play a king or a robot'. Earlier he wrote this shit: Mimetic kingship is onanistic because it invites your political brain to inhabit a role, that of king, which you do not hold and which does not in fact exist. Politics is the art of the possible, and nine-tenths of the things people typically chatter about, when they speak in the quasi-royal we, are manifestly impossible under the present configuration of power—which these voices have no idea of, nor interest in, nor interest in changing. As Bronze Age Pervert has put it: you are gay.

So I guess you're right that he's a 'lord', bottomming from the bottom. When it's time for him to be king or real robot, at least he won't be gay anymore.

My religion of Ancient Geology pulled out one more nugget: that even Satan didn't exist in, say, the Mesozoic. Maybe that's what Gnon is, doing all that eternal existence, but Gnon cannot be a 'HE' either, although maybe you want to give a pronoun, since 'it' doesn't sound very respectful. Something had to be there, if just Nothing without accompaniment. Maybe it actually mused on its nothingness, so that human death has actually more dimension than it would seem to--the horror of not being able to meditate on that you just died. Moldbug is becoming more gay.

Alrenous said...

Beds don't work for me because they're too soft. Gives me a headache. Thaumaturgically you could say I'm hard and need a hard surface. I have no idea if that's accurate, but it's plausible.

Found a good word. I'm not ascetic. Lionizing self-denial per se seems like rank foolishness to me. "Yes, I love selfish people and want to support them as much as possible." I am, however, austere and minimalist.

You're challenging me, indirectly, to state [I'm not ugly] but precisely because it's a challenge, I can't come down on either side. Remember ad authoritam. Either I'm right or I'm not. Maybe I'm a talking baobob tree, it doesn't matter.


Moldbug is revealing more gay. He was always a bit too fond of buttsex metaphors. Come to think I need to review that.

Though if you want real gay, BAP is right: bars are gay. Gays and virgins and bar chads are all sterile. Childless: that's all that matters. They're the same.
Not that I think any of them should have children. I think they should go on being nice and gay.


Time is God. Space is Goddess. Actually, neither are Gnon, who doesn't exist.

Parisian said...

You're challenging me, indirectly, to state [I'm not ugly] but precisely because it's a challenge, I can't come down on either side. Remember ad authoritam. Either I'm right or I'm not. Maybe I'm a talking baobob tree, it doesn't matter.

No, I'm the fuck not, because you already told me. Why would I 'challenge you' again on that? I took your word for it, and the fact that you were happy to bandy about public opinion on it. There are plenty of other things about you personally I would like to know, but you probably think they are frivolous. It has to do partially with HOW I HEAR you since there is no way many things register on the net, and since it would have to be Ur, there is no way I need to check it out in person.

You will have noticed that I take note of many details about you, because you are exotic and unusual, an artistic find, nevermind all your other genius--I started with that and just keep listening to it. Having to read ANOTHER fucking Moldbug is the problem! You're fucking Prussian yourself. I am so sick of reading a new Moldbug lesson for you every few days, although I'm not that serious saying that--it doesn't take much time, and now that I've started I might as well keep going to be sure (as far as I can) what you're talking about. He's your interest, I find you more interesting. And that game music was finally sonically interesting, which has not been the case of much music you've linked to. The 'Twitter' one was merely interesting, and my quick interpretation of it with the 'paedophile reference' was obviously not one I know to be true. It does seem a sad, lonely song, and I've tended to think about 'nectar' a lot.

Actually, the only other personal thing that intrigues me is what also intrigues me about Nick's tweets, as I've mentioned many times before. This concentration on everything America and American befuddles me: It's as if collapsing and disastrous America is, it's the only thing either of you talk about. You wrote about virus statistics 'in my country', so that, yes. I can't even imagine what continent. But wouldn't anybody who follows yours or anyone's else's work closely be curious. Yours

Parisian said...

Time is God. Space is Goddess. Actually, neither are Gnon, who doesn't exist.

So you praise something non-existent all the time. All right, maybe you really are often a 'douche' and should talk only with those working on this movement. It may not matter to you to keep the grand line going--which is what you were, as I saw it, uniquely capable of doing among those in this movement. I never expected to 'pull you out of it', but neither was I this 'entryist', I believe they call it. You were just interesting, and even posted some interesting music this time, which you did not 2 years ago--as an extremely accomplished musician, I nevertheless wouldn't have heard it otherwise. If it's that way, it's like any other bubble, and is, if talking to someone outside it seems to leave it unprotected. You're quite solipsistic enough to talk to me without ruining your reputation with NRx. But the rest say 'don't talk to your enemies'. I don't see myself as your enemy, but you may see me as such. So what. You write good things, but I am not dependent on it. The distances are so far, it would ruin even Ur. Someone told me last night about the Parthenon at noon under merciless sun, and how even the tourists 'were whispering'. That's my major omission anyway. More than Rome.

Has Nick been informed that Gnon doesn't exist? As for the rest of this formulation, I don't know what anyone would have to say about it. I'm certainly not going to comment on it.

Alrenous said...

"I'm the fuck not" is of course the kind of diction non-challenging folk use.

You don't have to read Moldbug, you know. This isn't a book club. If it doesn't interest you, click away.

Getting this emotional comes off as emotional manipulation. "You have to care about me because I'm very upset." Err, no that makes me care less, because manipulators go at a distance, not close by.

It also comes off as shit testing, but you seem to have forgotten you're not my girlfriend. It's not going to fly.

Parisian said...

I was not upset, just pissed. Okay, maybe that's being upset, but not like I imagined we were involved--ME, with a Moldbug freak? I don't care if you care or don't care, because there was a lot I got out of reading you and talking to you, but you're just rude here. I agree, therefore, with such insults, that "it's not going to fly", but it was never a thing--some of NRx has interested me with other members of it, yours was just more so, and your writing more brash and expressive to hear. But you've outlined where I'd have to go were we to keep talking at all, and I didn't know that before, but of course I won't. You've made me aware of your faults more as of today. Usually, you held up a gleaming image, maybe now it's a Vegas-y neon sign, who knows, since it's impossible to. I just thought you were somewhat more flexible, expansive, whatever the word is, and maybe you were, and it's just finished now if you have this kind of emotional reaction. I was trying to write with you, not 'be your girlfriend'--that, by the way, is just your trashiness; not everything about rusticity is commendable, your bumpkin manners for one. Your attempts at being authoritative about things you're not were just something I overlooked for the rest, which was often interesting.

"You have to care about me because I'm very upset."

You never gave any indication that you DID care about me, beyond my being interested in your work, so why would I be upset that you didn't? We were a very informal sort of conversation, it seemed to go well, but your lack of social skills, probably due to some aspects of your condition, probably could not sustain it. I can see some of what you prefer, but I didn't know you really hated socializing this much. I told you I found you interesting, that was all. You were, but it's not as sharp as it was after this kind of nastiness. So we'll abandon it. I've certainly lived without it for months and years, but I don't have any idea why you think another person is going to submit to your authority on everything. You don't seem to see that you are a communist a lot of the time regarding things you're ignorant on, the things you know least. No, I won't 'suck it'.

I was being facetious about the Moldbug anyway, I usually liked to read it. But enough is enough, so I didn't read this one. You just don't know how to play--not even some of the time. It it's not going to have wit and fun, I lose profoundly nothing, because those are at least 2 of my Achilles Heels. And probably most people do like to officially 'join up' with their kindred fellows, instead of a random kind of knowing people as I do, which is why I have a lot more offline friends than I do online. If I had to watch my intake of food as carefully as you did, I would consider my body a lab, not a body that has all sorts of functions that don't need to be audited or I 'might have 30 minutes of imperfect brain functioning'. I enjoy myself. Maybe you do too, but it's a different lexicon of enjoyment.