Monday, January 11, 2021

America is Biologically Fucked

"The real reason this could never happen is a reason you’ll like: they are simply not capable of it. They suck too much. And it’s just a biological fact—you can mutate bad ideas, but you can’t mutate suck. Huge sighs of relief are heard all over Berkeley."

Problem: Berkeley also sucks too much. Haha, oops. 

The design for America's government calls for 0 lords. No workable government can be formed using 0 lords. 

The nearest workable design to America's government calls for 100 lords where only 10 are available. Even if we imagined they fully exploited the available lordship resources, the system would have to adapt to having 90 non-lords in lord positions. It would attempt to need only 10 lords. These changes would make the remaining 10 lords uncomfortable, and they would leave. Lords have options, by definition. This is why the design calls for 0 lords. 

The aristocratic population can roughly be modelled as a constant. Only the peasant population grows. World population has decupled in the last 200 years. Indeed, perhaps saying there are 10 lords for every 100 demands for a lord is optimistic. Perhaps the last time there were enough lords was about 1300, meaning you're looking at 5 at best, give or take differential casualties in WWI. If education is a factor, 1 or fewer.

Although you can find a few lower nobles (barons or knights) born to the lower orders, you will essentially never find a duke or prince born into a peasant family. Even if you did they would go insane from loneliness and total dearth of challenge. On the plus side, even in modern times, the four horsemen are deeply prejudiced against the peasants. Sooner or later the problem will solve itself. We don't have to wait for the glacial aristocratic breeding cycle to catch up to the peasant's head start.


America's government is actively hostile to lordship, because the peasants are jealous and insecure. In other words, bureaucracy is about covering your ass and never taking responsibility, which gives hives to most real lords.

There are some psychopathic lords in the workings anyway, which allow it to sort of function. Turns out psychos are psychotic, so only the parts directly serving their sadistic amusement get maintained. For example, working ""for"" the IRS makes graft especially simple, and as a result it runs smooth as butter, even though tax receipts are almost meaningless to USG's budget. As for the rest, the peasants LARPing as lords create problems, because they can't think for themselves, and then desperately, hopelessly, try to patch them up. You can see the results in a newspaper. If you're into that sort of prurience.

'Diversity is our strength' => 'Let's try to steal everyone else's lords.' Problem: the lords don't want to come. They're already living large in their own countries. America offers them more money in exchange for less status. Yeah, good luck with that. (And the system can't use them even if they did take it.) Basically, you get bastards and wannabes. Not only that, but due to Fascism, you can't filter out the lower orders. Peasants, man, I tell ya. Meanwhile the psycho lords are allowing it because strangers and aliens vote democrat. Makes the elections almost look honest most of the time.

In some kind of prank by Fate, many of these peasants are sharp as a tack, and would be more than enough if they could only break away from their irresponsible bovine herd instincts. However, they can't. A smart cow makes smart milk. (Drinking it makes you feel smart or something.) The cow cannot be the lion. No policy or ideology short of Flood-level divine intervention can prevent America's auto-buggery.

It is darkly amusing to see alleged rightists worry about the birth rate on other continents when the birth problem was insolubly bad centuries ago. Certainly you can argue that these peasants are worse than those proles or whatever, but the Titanic is already listing. No sane lord is stupid enough to take responsible custodianship of the stinking, sinking wreck it pleases America to call a country.


Anonymous said...

You say often that a civilization collapses in 10 generations. IMO, ten generations is about 250 years. I don't think the civilization in the United States has collapsed, since it still exercises coercive power handily.

By picking various dates for the origins of the U.S. government, adding 250, and rounding, I made predictions that the U.S. civilization will collapse in 2025, 2035, or 2040. Which of these do you think is most likely?

Suffice it to say I have significant interest in the maintenance of physically safe and prosperous conditions in the place where I live.

Alrenous said...

I expect America to slowly fall in the style of punctuated equilibrium, like Rome did. I don't expect a sharp, hard-line collapse moment. America's coercive capacity is going to be tortured to death - losing bits and pieces one at a time.

I also expect that the capital will be sacked first, just like Rome, giving plenty of warning for all non-swamp creatures. However, you do have to worry about concentration camps for the Fascist State Enemy. White men, in this case. I don't think it will be literally concentration camps. They will get fancy and devious. However, just like the Jews could have GTFO of Germany if they had been paying attention, there will be a window where the pseudo-camps are obviously inevitable but the passport still works.

Camps aside, I wouldn't try to use the sacking of DC to alert you in time to escape LA, Seattle, or New York, but aside from those places you will have plenty of warning before every American city goes all Detroit/Baltimore, just as the former residents of Detroit did.

Do cross-reference with Spengler's timeline. He's been staggeringly good so far.

250 years is only an estimate. But yes, we can expect a sharp downward jolt in the next 10-20 years. It's very exciting to see what kind of jolt it will be - from a safe distance, of course.

P.S. I figure Lincoln = Caesar, FDR = Augustus, and Sulla = Robert E. Lee, who you may note lost this time around. My evidence is still weak, though.

Dave said...

The ten generations/250 years figure comes from John Glubb's book "Fate of Empires", which packs an astonishing amount of wisdom into its 25 pages. A must-read:

Parisian said...

"The real reason this could never happen is a reason you’ll like: they are simply not capable of it. They suck too much. And it’s just a biological fact—you can mutate bad ideas, but you can’t mutate suck. Huge sighs of relief are heard all over Berkeley."

So you took this fuckhead paragraph seriously and I looked through your link and couldn't find where it was. Maybe it was there, but I think I skimmed through it twice. It was heartwarming to hear about his wife. WHAT a lucky broad she must be.

You can mutate bad ideas, but you can't mutate suck.

That is some of the worst writing I've ever read...or is it biological too? Well, it was YOU who were going on about the 'alcohol' and the 'dementia'. If you can't see both of those in this, then YOU hate beauty! "Mutating suck" or "you can't mutate suck" is the most fucking stupid phrase I've ever heard. I don't even care what else you said after that, although your comment and the anonymous's are interesting. Jesus Fucking Christ. No wonder I think Satan has other qualities than just "all those lies". Satanism's benefits have to be earned--most Satanists do it like 'teen-agers trying to be cool'.

Well, at least he sees the far right shrinking, which I didn't expect to be so palpable. Lots of haletosis came my way one night at one of the 'places' on the Big Board (they're not all equally hysterical.) But I wriggled away from it, and told one of them to *save 'is bad breath.* Put most of them on Ignore if they were even slightly uncouth--and most were.

I'm sure you don't have bad breath, but I think I understand what attracts you to this. It would have been something causing it for a long time...still hard to see how you put up with so many dyed-in-the-wool *Great Unwashed*. Well, not meaning to be rude, some of it interests me too... but not in the extreme way it does you. The mob certainly liberated some of us, but not at all in the way it intended. I even finally got back to studying Middle Period Minoan Architecture tonight. Their palace roofs, often above 3 storeys, were flat, not gabled.

Parisian said...

Oh yeah, here it is. I thought it was a whole paragraph in itself, and maybe I had read the whole piece, much as I hate to read Moldbug:

Don’t worry, my fellow Brown alumni. None of those hill crackers can read this far. The real reason this could never happen is a reason you’ll like: they are simply not capable of it. They suck too much. And it’s just a biological fact—you can mutate bad ideas, but you can’t mutate suck. Huge sighs of relief are heard all over Berkeley.

So, super-Jewish Moldbug on 'hill crackers' and how they suck too much. What total faeces passing as 'gray mirror' material. Well, hard to be envious of that. As if Jews like him did anything but suck (the immediate identification with Berkeley is so obvious--what a virtuosic reterritorialist he is. At least some of those hill crackers (or often 'cotton mill trash') can find it to fuck. He's so ugly-chinless I can't believe he got any wife, but I don't want to see her. I didn't think NRxers were supposed to insult 'hill crackers', 'rednecks', 'hicks', 'bigot-style retards' because they constitute many of the 'no enemies to the right'. That's what I keep running into at UR, so I won't use it much, lots of them really are hill crackers and I only read one (who hardly ever writes) who was sophisticated--who seduced me into some very fine fiction. Well, so Dolly Parton managed to get out, but Moldbug may think half-Jewish doesn't mean he's Jewish, but all you have to do is read his fucking graceless, rusting pieces of shit he thinks are keeping him in the trendy lane--worse than Jewish publications like New York Magazine, although by now, The New Yorker is plenty Jewish enough. I liked Viking because he's a New Yorker too, although doing organic number in Idaho--said all of NRx thinks they're going to be invited to Davos at some point in the relatively near future. Moldbug is not going to Davos, not even if he disapproves of it. I don't think all of the countrified pure-bigot types are unattractive, but I definitely find Jews unattractive. Moldbug is one of the ugliest chinless assholes I've ever set eyes on.

Okay, so Berkeley sucks too much too--but Moldbug can't climb much beyond Berkeley, obvious parvenu that he is. Let his underling minions deal with the hicks, but yes, there are a lot of rednecks at UR, so I should quit using it. One person was sophisticated, got me started on some first-rate fiction a few months ago. Yeah, and Jews suck too much too. They're always doing it. And I mean literally too: It's usually some old married guy with a yarmulkah and some homely black starveling. Quite repulsive, somewhat like watching flies fuck.

So I guess your piece is funny because the title is so clever. Except it's a 'bad fuck', not a 'good fuck' that America's getting--'biological fucking' is a new term for me, but of course anyone knows what it is, but that's the 'nice work if you can get it' sort.