Sunday, January 3, 2021

Capitalism is Obviously Extremely Real

Americans, naturally, by and large recoil from capitalism like vampires from garlic exactly because it's so real. It is surprising and inexplicable that America has any capitalism left in it at all. Although, likewise, there should be no science in America, what with having been nationalized by the communists in 1945. Nevertheless, some modicum of science still occurs, as a testament to the overwhelming virtue of a small minority. Perhaps a similar mechanism is behind the survival of capitalism in America? Come to think, Trump participated as well. Through sheer force of will, he tried to act like an actual President instead of Grand Chief of Treachery and Traitors. Turns out that's essentially impossible, but he really did try very hard.


parisian said...

Dude shows off what a glorious gift it is to have a physical body.

LOL Trump, too! That's the Body of Dreams. What I wouldn't give to be that fit.

parisian said...

Truth, like Tezcatlipoca, is the enemy of both sides. She's a jealous bitch who demands totalitarian loyalty (and isn't that cute!). She has no patience for whatever monkey bullshit you might want to be flinging, which is why Truth plays so poorly on Twitter et al.

Good evening, good m'lord. Now this is the only one that I didn't get to actually look at during that rather fast moment in the thread about dance and Moldbug (what a combination...), but this I hope you will answer me directly, because it is odd you'd do it. I was very interested to read it, because I never get to those cultures, but the long opener was about a male god and refer to him twice as female. Any particular reason? I mean--he wasn't 'fake and gay' as malodorous Peppermint always said about everything, was he? Sounds like my kind of guy: "Enemy of both sides". I always try to do it, but don't really have to try, it just comes so naturally. I think you like him too, even if it sometimes seems you contradict yourself and have magnetic attraction to both 'side' and 'no side' from time to time. I could be wrong, of course. But he's a god, not a goddess, isn't he? My god, there's just not enough time learn about all these fantastic cultures. I've pretty much settled on the Mediterranean, after (totally weirdly) spending most of my life in thrall to the South Pacific (my father was there in WWII Air Force, and brought back books and told me all about it), but I've been there twice now and that's probably enough--although it was everything I hoped it would be, no question.

I agree about Truth playing poorly on Twitter, and you're too good for it, although you did write a lot of wonderful Maxims of Alrenous on there that were very eye-opening. Maybe you did go back, under another identity, But this remark does make me think how thoroughly ineffectual almost anything on Twitter is, no matter how good. Once in a while, I'll see some information I haven't seen elsewhere, but that, is incidental to Twitter itself and its fucking addicts. I told you awhile back that someone was write to tell you to go back on Twitter, but I don't think so now unless you do. I can safely say that this 'social networking' is the most vaporous nothing imaginable, and I was smart enough to see how grossly horrible it would become. You are younger, so understandable, but you found out pretty fast anyway. It's such an obvious waste of time, and that's what comes across in most Tweets.

parisian said...

Ohhhhh, I see now. No, you were referring to TRUTH as feminine, not Tezcatlipoca. It must usually be done that way, I frankly have always thought 'she' sounded peculiar when referring to ships, countries. Fuck, maybe that's why the hideousness of feminism has spread its foetid effluvia all over the place.

Actually, even though that was not so bright, I'm kind of glad it didn't even occur to me that TRUTH could be anything but masculine. But I see that saying "He" wouldn't be the common usage. "She" must be the pronoun for almost everything big and important. How ridiculous can you get?

Fucking bitch gets to be both Truth...and the Truth about her is the overwhelmingly vicious cherchez la femme... Only those perfect Nietzschean women I've been talking about constantly escape this fate, and part of it is that they do worship men--including the ones who won't 'cooperate', like the ballerina in Diamonds. But she had her own company for about 10 years, and it was very clear that she taught the boys to dance like girls. I was appalled, and later read that Gene Kelly had said this about woman dance teachers, it's most noticeable in the arm movements. I think that's EVIL, even though she's one of those who goes to mass several times a week, every day if she can. When her partner in that clip of Diamonds became the Artistic Director (for over 25 years), he fired her ass--and he was right. Talk about PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE--she didn't even have to work at the barre for that, just tried to take over and had this idiotic sentimental fanbase. Well, she was pretty fantastic, and I saw her a lot, but I now much prefer the hotter ones. Women refusing men sex is a serious insult. You can bet that wasn't the case with Ms. Reinking. Her most famous lover was not even among the 4 she married. Mike Bloomberg was in love with her for years, but I sort of bet that's not exactly what she was into.