Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trump's Finale

Moldbug's lack of shamanism is killing him again; laser focused on the absurdly irrelevant point of whether Trump was really a President or not.
Provably the Cathedral would know he's ineffective too. I do get tired of the alleged right wing underestimating the enemies against whom they always fail utterly. Why would the Cathedral oppose a nothingburger so violently? Their hysteria confirms Trump was doing real damage.
The point of Trump was always to be an anima. He was a knowledge spirit whose purpose was to reveal the fakeness of Democracy in America, to explain the illegitimacy of the regime to the layman. In this he has succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. 

Naturally his protest also conforms to this Plan.
"Hey guys, you know you can seize DC at any time?" The Cathedral is a nerd. Smart, but right-wing voters can huck them into a locker whenever they want. Voters. Many normies now know this at the level of personal experience. But, by withdrawing peacefully, Trump painted his apparent Soviet-style disappearance as entirely illegitimate.
Alternatively the [Capitol protest was an op] hypothesis looks plausible. Trump was snatched in the night some weeks ago and the Cathedral planned it all as a retroactive fig leaf.

From now on you're going to be able to killshot a normie whenever you want, like this: "They disappeared a president the instant he became a former president. America is a Soviet dictatorship." Don't pay any attention to what the normie says afterwards. You've already won the debate and he knows it. It's like this all the way down. E.g. it's was awfully kind of Twitter to reveal that an allegedly public microblogging platform outranks the President, wasn't it?
Even if it turns out Trump resurfaces, and it turns out he was merely taking prudent steps to dodge the secret service, there are myriad reserve killshots to choose from.

I would like to add an honourable mention for the Duck, who has comprehensively demonstrated that the 'whitepill' is Fascist delusion, falling under diagnostic #2 - inability to not act, blended with a little anti-intellectualism, because nobody in America can think anymore. To a Fascist, having no idea what you're doing is no excuse for inaction. And certainly not a reason to go looking for knowledge. For contrast, imagine Musk getting mad at spaceship 'blackpillers' lol. 'The thing is going up right now, morons.'

In nearly unrelated news, Moldbug contradicted himself yet again. I'm genuinely worried about dementia at this point. Can't keep track of which lies go where.
"Also, a woman was killed—executed, basically, in fact. She was committing a crime, and deserved it. Law and order matters."
Ah yes, law and order matters all of a sudden. Election law? Pfui. What election law? Cherry picking is a kind of virtue, right?
Nihilism is true and morality isn't real, but there's a very real thing very close by: the constant tension between the long term and the short term. Prudence dictates sacrificing the short term for the long term, because the long term is bigger. To sharpen the point even further, vae victus is about lionizing the short term over the long term. 

"For example, let’s suppose (I am indebted for this analogy to some Twitter wag, whom I can’t find now) the US Constitution worked like the first-person shooter Halo."
It's Kantbot. You said the other day.

BTW the Bastille thing did not work, for exactly the same reasons Trump's presidency didn't work. It was also fake. The Bastille thing was a victory lap. Amusing, but unnecessary. Turns out, after you've already won, you can manufacture whatever optics you like. 

"there is absolutely no difficulty in using any level of the American security forces against the barbarians—regardless of the ideology of said security forces"
This is also a misunderstanding. The armed forces are Fascist. They can be used against any counter-Fascist action. They will rebel against counter-Fascist orders.
You can tell they're Fascist because American hasn't already revoked democracy. 

"The whole American right wing, from bowties to Nazis, are in the same position."
Moldbug forgot to include himself. Just a little lacuna there.

"This is extremely hard to explain."
It is much easier to explain if you know what's going on, and I can do so on command. It takes longer to untangle Moldbug's confusion than to build up from scratch. In short: 'What does it feel like to be so weak that mere words hurt you?'

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parisian said...

One thing happened, though. You would likely think it unimportant, but it definitely doesn't hurt. But no reason to say more. It stands or it doesn't.

So it's the New Year. I definitely had a good year with 2020, with some bumps and startling failures I had to correct (even the idiots on the phone on one of them forgot that 'this call will be monitored for quality assurance', the mistake made was so obvious even to the job-challenged.) Most find themselves consciously in a dystopia, or at least I assume from the net. They claim they are. Otherwise, every end of every ideology or whatever just sounds denser and more panicked, more urgent, and I had to spend so much time reading all of them that I didn't have time for much else. Although early 2021 (we're already into late 2021, it seems) was also very productive. Otherwise, all the talk of dystopia seems to be widespread, but I read about it more than experiencing any of it. It's almost as if it were a prerequisite--but not for going on living decently, but to keep blogging and tweeting if that's one's primary identity. Simon Critchley even recommended David Bowie as palliative to dystopia and death (or whomever and whatever.)

It doesn't matter about 'the one thing', just that it's in effect, and some of Trump's (remaining) personnel agreed. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but just don't agree that it was important, so that's enough.

Was surprised to see this:

Replying to

Trump had the opportunity to preempt his enemies and do that to them, but he lacked the will to see it through.

Jan 8
Replying to

Ultimate lack of seriousness.

Nick's Tweet is true, and only far-right one I've seen that puts it into actually what happened. Still didn't think he'd say it. So in some ways Twitter is better than blogs, because you're forced to be terse--most seem to be wound into endless knots