Wednesday, April 3, 2024

All Tax-Funded Governments are Despotism

 You can't sustain a Sparta or a Plutocracy because the form of the government is inherently Despotic.
 The physical form of the government converges onto its spiritual soul. (Aristocracy, of course, has never in fact obtained, which is why Plato's description sounds like fanfiction. No experiences exist from which to work.) 


 Political formulae are perverse because they're trying to explain why Despotism isn't Despotism.
 Divine right: "The Despot isn't a Despot if he's appointed by God."
 "The Despot isn't a Despot if he has the Mandate of Heaven."
 "The Despot isn't a Despot if he has the Consent of the People to tyrannize Despotically." 

 Despotism is horribly corrupt. Turns out parasitic infections are bad for you. Who could have guessed. All political formulae except Exit are trying to solve the problem of Despotism without giving up the essence of Despotism. 

 In modern times, Despotism is called Fascism, because Fascist Newspeak. "The Despot isn't a Despot if he calls himself a Fascist." All tax-funded forms of government are Fascist. Narcissism and Envy Theocracies.

 Plato thought Democracy wasn't just Despotism. No Plato, tyrannical man is tyrannical man. Iron devolves into lead. There is no baser metal. It was pro-Despotism cope, which is pretty impressive considering Plato really didn't like Democrats. He must have worked hard on that cognitive dissonance. 

 If the peoples afflicted by Despotic government are not natural Despots, the Despotism enforces tyrannical dysgenics until the peoples fully embrace tyrannical biology. 

 That is, ultimately all peoples who accept taxation are lead-age degenerates. Already mortally debased. 

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