Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Social Status vs. Wetmarkets and Laboratories

 Pathogenic viruses are outgroup.

 Wetmarkets are low status, like the outgroup.

 Research laboratories are high status. 

 Humans want low-status things to come from other low-status things, or it falsifies their social status systems. Likewise they prefer to forgive high-status things in case the high-status thing tries to beat them up, as it will work. 

 Result: it would be very surprising if talking heads believed the lab leaked.

 Bonus 1: you can't get hired at a bio lab if you agree that labs can leak. "That's a mean thing to say, you meanypants."
 Bonus 2: apparently it's normal for the peasantry to believe in the lab leak. This makes the lab leak low-status. The opposite of a luxury belief. You can't signal your pious loyalty to peak midwittery with the lab leak.

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