Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gnon's Judgement

Intriguing, you say?
UPDATE: WF has an intriguing thought:

Evil is always ultimately self-destructive, suggesting the latter, when found in a system, likely indicates the former. In other words, if a system  (ideology, structure, philosophy, individual, or thought) contains within it the seeds of contradiction, be it internal or external, or systemic collapse, it's a good bet it is against God and therefore evil. This is just as true for individuals with unresolved or incorrectly resolved cognitive dissonance, for example.

This is because God is both real and Creator of reality, and all that is in conflict with reality is necessarily in conflict with Him, too.
Well...yes. Evil = self-contradiction = bad logic? Sure, I'll go with that. But it's not safe for Christians to go around saying things like that. Christianity is guaranteed to have errors, but is not susceptible to error-correction. (This is Pride, fyi.)  This is why e.g. Catholicism is failing. Naturally, slower than Progressivism, because there's fewer errors, but failing all the same.

States reliably fail on a ten-generation clock, for comparison, if they don't die to violence. 

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