Monday, November 2, 2020

Steelman Virtual Option

If we assume Moldbug is hiding his belief in the basic malevolence of humanity, the virtual option makes perfect sense. Most humans are deviant, not cooperative. Let's optimistically call it 65-35. Proper species name something like Malum Ovis Diabolus. They prefer to rule in hell than serve in heaven. However, for the 1 to rule in hell, the 64 must serve in hell. Haha, oops. If instead the virtual option can be implemented, all 65 can rule in hell, as long as they're content to rule over virtual humans. 

The Substack version of the virtual option makes no sense. Why isolate the virtualized humans? Why not let them interact? They can play all their deviant games virtually, without disturbing the productive and cooperative <20% of the species. If instead the point is to address the fundamentally sinful nature of most humans in a Straussian way, then it instead makes perfect sense.

Since I'm here to do work instead of to play games, I'm now going to beat this into the ground. Miscellaneous comments:

The Christians are correct. Humanity is basically evil. Specifically, the highest goal of most humans is deviant and traitorous, not cooperative. Background: at some point down a priority list, the priorities flatly don't get pursued, and that point is the second priority. For most humans, cooperation will only occur if the alternative is real or apparent death. This also means they radically misjudge anyone who has a cooperative or neutral goal as their highest priority.

Because humans are evil, democracy obviously cannot work. Either it aggregates as a desire to self-destroy, or it catastrophically fails to reduce conflict as [self] is re-defined to mean some voting bloc, which then gets into a fight with another voting bloc. <= Democracy The God That Failed in one sentence. 

To achieve peace, the masses must be terrorized...or virtualized. 

Malum Ovis Diabolus: imagine a sheep with smouldering coals for eyes, long needle teeth dripping poisonous drool, a truly awful temper, and black wool, because they can be farmed. The peasant is the most productive farm animal so it's possible to turn a profit even after mitigating a great deal of destructiveness. Unfortunately they cannot be properly husbanded. If you attempt to breed them to be less hazardous, they will understand they're under attack; this is one of the few ways you can get the sheep to fight back. 

On the plus side, it's now clear their insistence on reproducing can easily be bypassed. They cannot be bred to be better, but they can be bred to not exist anymore. 

Is the point of Salus Populi to make you realize how stupid Salus Populi is? I think it works on a Straussian level, except the point of someone like Moldbug is to provide a true alternative to the obvious false mainstream of Progressivism; not to provide a transparent falsehood in an attempt to outcompete a muddying falsehood. Satan isn't called Father of Lies as a joke. 


For ovis diabolus, each individual member of the mob considers their own health to be, abstractly speaking, the reduction of health in the rest of the mob. If everyone gets healthier they fail because others are getting healthier, and if everyone gets weaker they fail because loss aversion. Egalitarianism: "Alright, nobody move, or the mover gets it." Persecution of subjects, lionization of objects, also known as slave morality.

On the savannah you can at least channel the nasty temper at the next tribe over. They have to suppress their urge to gnaw on their closer neighbours, but that's tolerable. At the scale of a nation-state, this is thoroughly impossible for a variety of reasons. If you propose approximating it by bombing the crap out of the neighbouring nation-state, but the problem is they can bomb you back. Can't oppress anyone if you're dead. Rule in hell. Your average ovis diabolus really would choose death if it would help them oppress better.


When ovis diabolus observes a mutant with a cooperative main goal, they see someone getting healthier. The ovis diabolus can't get healthier except as a means to gnaw on another ovis without retaliation; the health priority is almost always at #2 or lower. For the mutant, the gnaw-on-others priority is at #2 or lower. They get healthier but will only use it on ovis diabolus in defence of their continued ability to become healthier. The ovis sees someone successfully preparing to conquer them, as it would be were they in the mutant's position. Result: violent panic, quite rationally so. 

Unfortunately the health of the State is not war. (Guess why an ovis diabolus might say it is.) The health of the State is health, just like for everyone else. Only mutants can make it healthier, in the extension of making themselves healthier. Civilization is thus about tricking the peasants into getting out of the way. Either terrorizing them to the extent they accept failure (God-fearing people), or tricking them into thinking they're succeeding or about to succeed. E.g. the virtual option. 

Reminder that like 90% of the reason I write is to give Reality more opportunities to prove me wrong. Reminder 2: rhetoric is presentation, not reality.


parisian said...

For the mutant, the gnaw-on-others priority is at #2 or lower. They get healthier but will only use it on ovis diabolus in defence of their continued ability to become healthier.

Oh that's wonderful. I don't even care that I can't be a great scientist anymore or that you condescend to my 'qualitative' appreciation. I'm glad you're posting a lot more. I 'get' some of it.

I feel healthier than ever, and don't mind if you do too, although...sometimes I haven't minded if people were somewhat ill and then passed away if they were eating ME, and my defenses were too weak for long periods of time. This even includes people I have loved, but slowly became suspicious of...

Also like 'the virtual option', some version of which phrase I have always been able to resist and loathe, lo, these many years; but you have presented its utilitarian aspect as means of breeding peasants out of existence. I never heard of Substack till Greenwald's business the other day, and subscribed to Nick's 'Nothing' and 'More Nothing' newsletter--I must think he's going to write something, but I don't see how he could improve on some of his Tweets. Some of them are so sharp and devastatingly pointed that there is not even the slightest false note.

I didn't know it was Hallowe'en till the day after, and now wonder if that's part of the digital option, having it through Firefox. I read that that's where you could, despite all, have a 'spooky Hallowe'en', and I read about it on Hallowe'en but didn't know it was till the next day. That sounds sort of 'virtually engineered', but then I've never thought Hallowe'en offered a thing.

Cheers! --parisian

parisian said...

The Substack version of the virtual option makes no sense. Why isolate the virtualized humans? Why not let them interact? They can play all their deviant games virtually, without disturbing the productive and cooperative <20% of the species.

I saw the first one was up. His tweets were more 'not a false note' than 'not a false microtone' or 'not a false sruti'--and he doesn't even live in India. He does start out with writing about 'less is more' in his terms, which was the only part that made sense to me. And it isn't always, not nearly. But for whatever purposes he means, I guess it has to, even though this first entry seems very long and repetitious, nowhere near as smart as his Tweets.

I don't get it. It's like the Return of the Gematria, with northanger at the ready instanter. Is it possible to be horrified without knowing it? I think that's the assumption. But that happens even to the dumbest people. It does let the 'virtualized humans' interact, doesn't it? There are already some comments and some understand how to be 'horrified' by certain sentences. Since I can't sign in, I guess that proves I'm not a virtualized human in any case. Never wanted to be though. And was unable to get horrified.

Anyway, I'm glad I can't sign into it. But I guess I won't know why this is different from what he used to write. That must be northanger doing all the Gematria. I wasn't able to be horrified by 'the most horrifying sentence' there.

Is this part of the digital option?

I know you won't likely answer, but I'll stop commenting and reading you if you prefer. I don't know where I am here either, although at least it's not got Torah verses in it yet.

parisian said...

No, I don't mind. But I'll probably comment here unless you tell me not to. I don't care if you don't publish it, I'll just copy my brilliant comments and post them elsewhere. Because I never have had Clerembault's Syndrome even in the flesh world, but god knows not in the 'digital option', if that's even correct. But for some reason, I do get excited when you do a new post, enjoy your things even if they seem inaccessible. But I could live without it and wouldn't even look at it if that's better for you, meaning I don't know how much you have to do with this Substack thing, so I'd probably better stop. I won't stop without your telling me, most likely, because your posts always stimulate something, even if it's that non-focussed, distracted thing you were talking about the other day, and is enjoyable. I'll find that out soon enough. Although other options include just not reading anything I write here, which I won't know, and can't afford to care about something as arcane as somebody I haven't the slightest idea who is not reading me. Would be succinct on your part, I guess. Maybe you already do that. It would be unfortunate not to be able to read this, though, especially because I CAN read his substack, and probably will. Sounds to me like all the other things he used to write at the various blogs.

In that case, I'll be stuck with reading this narrative to 'building up horror things, sometimes even slowly' but without being able to respond--in the case of Nick's substack, that's a great blessing. I hope he'll continue writing non-Lovecraftian Tweets--those got me to wear a mask. Plus he wrote things like "Full-spectrum social collapse is no reason to avoid race war in the sewers", which rolled it all out even before the looting.

I don't even have to vote, even though I did for Trump in 2016. He doesn't need my vote, because no chance in this state.

No big deal, although I hope to find out if 'substack' is 'virtual humans interacting' or if 'the point is to address the fundamentally sinful nature of human beings', I don't get that either, although you claim to. What use? Anybody knows it already.


Alrenous said...

I would be interested in a list of especially good Nick Land tweets, according to you. Care to post it somewhere?

parisian said...

Of course. I will just post them here, if you don't mind. It may take some time, because I've been collecting them for some years and they're scattered (and some I may not have copied, and will have to look through his thread, but there are a lot of good ones.) Meant to add that the best Tweets are not even a microtone off, which is sharper than the 'no false note', which always would necessarily refer to Western 12 tone--even if some voices, like the late Cathy Berberian, would be hearing the microtones inside each of the 12 tones, she could do that much with her superhuman voice. Microtones are written into some Western music by now, never becoming very popular even in esoteric circles, but in India, there have long been the srutis which are at least three divisions of each chromatic-scale tone out of the 12 (if memory serves)--I researched Indian music and South Indian dance years ago, and it was the primary Eastern music I studied and went to performances of, although nothing is more ravishing than Persian. Vietnamese and Cambodian (I like Chinese opera too--have seen Taiwanese troupes) are also wonderful, but I know less of any of these last three. Basically, I'm Western Classical at this point.

They'd talk in Indian Music Theory of their being three 'srutis' for each pitch, but there can be even more, and the California composer Harry Partch built instruments for the microtones, which I saw and heard in 1995. These would have 'keys' as on a piano for each microtone, and I thought it was wonderful. Some smart-aleck person told me that 'it's really that it's just out of tune', although I have to admit that's funny; I hate that I hear it that way sometimes too, and get snobbish about it.

Nick's best Tweets are almost always (for me) about current affairs like the one I put above (I still think that was the most uncanny, because the 'race wars in the sewers' were another good 2 months later), but he likes to write all these 'horror-oriented' things, which he's doing on Substack since I wrote those comments. That's the side of him I'm not always so interested in. I'm too much of a sun-worshipper and power-worshipper to really be turned on by such 'uncompromising' titles as MicroNightmares: A Little Unpleasantness, and then I read it, and all those Gematria comments they used to do at Hyperstition, especially northanger. She cannot restrain herself. I never understood what it was, because I didn't believe I could take it any more seriously than a common fortune-teller, but I guess it's more than that.

parisian said...

Obviously, you can just read these and not publish them. I admire Nick in many ways, especially his acerbic wit--he's a kind of flawed Force of Nature. It's not meant to be gossip, but maybe you think some of your readers might think so. Just saying this so you know I won't write a pissy comment about how you refused to publish if you decide to, but hope it offers you something. Also, editing and cutting is just fine with me.

I think it was on your Twitter 3 (?) years ago that you said something about being 'very influenced by Nick Land and Mencius Moldbug', but then I didn't keep up with you well-enough, and I am unable to fathom these recent pieces about Moldbug, and cannot judge him. A lot of 'lies', so it sounded as if you were disenchanted at some point.


Some of the ones I have liked in themselves the most are topical--a word I never hear used anymore (because everything now is), but used to be used especially in reviews of Off-Broadway musical revues, when current affairs were part of the material. There was still a very specific 'Off-Broadway', although off-off-Broadway had started in the late 60s, and a few of the old specific theaters like the Cherry Lane and Theater de Lys remain, but there's no longer much practical distinction; all small theaters are just called 'Off-Broadway'. Broadway theaters were always that, and remain so. I saw a few of these shows, such as Peace by Al Carmines, which was awful, and was one of the more well-known names. Critics always called these things 'fresh' (and then you saw one and couldn't believe how bad.) There was Wait a Minim! imported from London; I have the LP and don't see how anyone ever saw anything in it. Theater de Lys still exists as Lucille Lortel Theater, and I think I saw Dames at Sea, when parodies of old musicals started with the 20s and worked up, and another thing in 2007. Actors like Lola Pasholinski and Charles Busch--some of it very Warhol-saturated.

parisian said...

There was in the 90s and 00s, a Forbidden Broadway, not on B'way, but spoofing B'way (pretty sad and drag-queeny, and I never saw it.) I saw Rude Entertainment in 2001 just after 9/11, and it was just things about Paul Lynde's inner torments, and other irrelevant things. Nothing since then, but the longest running show The Fantastics was at Sullivan Street Playhouse almost 40 years, but that was not 'topical', could have easily been on B'way. by I noticed when poring over the ones I'd kept (there was one about the 'typical New Yorker reader' which I thought very funny and astute--but that was a good long while back and I searched as best as I could during the last 2 years, and it was the only one I couldn't find), that the very best ones, like the perfect use of all the words in 'Full-spectrum social collapse is no reason to avoid race wars in the sewers' are topical, but not only topical--have staying power. Some of the others, due to this topical nature, were perhaps funnier at the time, but still are good.

Then I found myself wanting to put down some of the recent ones that at least appeared to show a tightening and seriousness in the wording that made them interesting (since we know him), but slightly alarmed even though he thought Hillary was the best one for the accelerationist collapse he wanted to see much of the time in 2016.

I should add that I think all the big politicians cheat, and your noting of 'securing voting' in another post was not done by Republicans, but I don't know whether either side is more guilty than the other at trying to win election in any possible way. As for the 'riots' you mentioned in the Eisen post, of course the boarding-up was done in the case of a Trump victory, because some of the Biden celebrants still rather forlornly wore their unwashed #BLM T-shirts. There have been pro-Trump protesters, but there is not any realistic way one can think of them as ever even thinking about looting. I think those were the ones I managed to squeeze in between that both originated or ended at Union Square, which is such a tiresome place. (In fact, maybe the looters were disappointed--they could have looted night after night and for the coming years, although Trump would have cracked down.)

parisian said...

Since I'm fine with whatever you do with this, I may put a comment or 2 or more after some of them, and I know I indulged in that opening, overly loquacious about the 'topical' as it used to be used. I miss that is was exceptional and had its own charm, even if most of the shows were bad.

I imagine you've actually seen all of them that I've seen. I hadn't heard of you till Outside In, and Nick and I both knew I wouldn't behave properly--too much baggage from before, but he did email me that I would 'love Moldbug', although I have read very little Moldbug. But I read Outside In a lot, with big gaps of not reading it. Lots of interesting characters. There was that one from Mauritius, can't remember his name.

"Whatever the final score of the Electoral College, it’s already a given that the 2020 campaign has deepened the chasms tearing our country apart." So at least there's that.

Some English liberal from Oxford, who is nice but worries about such things as transphobia to an appalling degree, did however point out something about 'how the bad thing was the bad thing' in accelerationism (specifically referencing Nick) but the outcome itself was supposed to be the 'even worse thing'. I have often thought that accurate. Actually, with the Dem failures in the Senate and House--or at least surprisingly lower wins--sound like it's possibly going to be vaguely balanced. I'll admit that, even thought voting for Trump in 2016, I was primarily favouring him for his pro-whiteness. For the rest, his constant attention-seeking has reached decibels I am tired of, but as I told you, I didn't vote. My vote for him in 2016 was already useless, and doing useless things twice is not up my alley (when I can tell for sure.)

"At some point, if all goes as well as it could, [Trump] calls out the militia.

That was some days ago. I wouldn't know anything about such an eventuality. It would seem not, but I have little to base that on.

There are a whole bunch of annoying left-wing parties all over the world, but do any of them have the same exclusive license to massively cheat that the US Democrats have established for themselves?

I still cannot go into high dudgeon about any politicians cheating 'more or less', they all do. If the American left does it the most, that's because the U.S. is the most extreme and only Russia and China seem to compete, in their different ways. But left and right always cheat, anything to get what you want is fair in love and politics.

If this isn't Trumpocalypse II it's an extremely convincing simulation.

That's a day or two before the election. I thought Trump would win too, and I think all the retailers who boarded themselves up thought se. They weren't worried about MAGA people.

parisian said...

After a Jim binge you start to think he's the only person writing today who isn't homosexual.

Things like Jim were where I always couldn't go, as I've alluded to. I put this primarily because to say it makes it seem like even Elon Musk, about whom he tweeted a few days earlier (see below) could be homosexual, but I doubt he was thinking about the slight contradiction there. I could never imagine Jim having even the slightest whiff of it, but I can't stand his heterosexuality either. Anybody who thinks Lolita actually raped Humbert Humbert has gone too far. There are countless other things I am allergic to, and no matter what the urgency of any zeitgeisty things, I don't read there anymore, and certainly never saw him as a 'father figure'.

Replying to
... And here:

"There were no MAGA riots this year, or any year."

I guess that's Jim, not Nick, but no, there have not been MAGA riots that I know of. I'm definitely aware of the media's lying about the riots and outrageous apologies for the looting. The new Dem prez and VP stopped that from happening right now, and I can only guess where it goes as time goes by. A Trump win would have meant immediately burning cities by the usual.

I'd put Trump on better than coin-toss odds.

That was a few days before Nov. 3, and people at Steve Sailer's were talking about a Trump landslide, although I just really didn't have a strong feeling about either candidate prevailing.

There's exactly one guy on this planet doing NRx as if he means it.

Which, if taken literally, could mean Musk was, unlike Jim, possibly homosexual, or that Jim, unlike Musk "did not do NRx as if he means it". This was what I thought was a bit emotional, because he usually takes a lot of care with his tweets, or they seem to have been carefully shaped.
SpaceX Says There Are No Laws on Mars, So Maybe Elon Musk Will Be President
Hey, who needs rules on the Red Planet?

Seriously trying to respect New Zealand, but "struggling" with peacocks is a lame look.

Probably just a bit short-sighted, although I remember he visited his brother there at Xmas maybe 7-8 years ago. 'Struggling' is probably just the wrong word. Australia had to kill thousands of cats because they were endangering native species (never heard of that many feral cats, but certain South Pacific islands definitely are overrun with them, as well as wild horses and no people at all.)

parisian said...

Trying to sound sensible and balanced about the election just comes over as weird.Ari Fleischer: Why my 2020 choice for president will be Donald Trump

Most have been extremely anxious, I've tended to be more anxious about rioting and looting. I think white ally idiots *giving a knee* is not going to be forced on me at gunpoint, so weirdly, the Prez/VP way paradoxically allow me even more outrageous White Privilege. Others just love it and have already got grey skin.
Oct 30
Replying to

I never understand any of this sort of stuff, and cannot make myself concentrate on it.

Leftists want to pack the SCOTUS in order to stop every decision invoking a Syzygetic Great Lemur. (Few admit to this.)

How can they admit to this without having the slightest idea what it is. I don't. Have you looked into these things?

.. "... genetically identical female bastards" sounds harsh, but what have you.

Things like this are edible, sounds like Nick at his wittiest, although it looks like it didn't originate with him.

"After [Savonarola] was stripped and burned in the city’s central Plaza della Signoria, the 'gay' elite were heard to remark, 'Now we can sodomize!'"

That's somebody else too, but could as well be Comstock Revelry.

"Never in its 5,000-year-history has China arrived at the Judeo-Christian belief that every human being is a living image of God." Sadly enough.

Is he saying that's unfortunate? It seems obvious to me that man has always made God or god in man's image, although the Greek pagans seemed to be able to see God in a lot of different natural forms, and weren't a kind of 'becoming-Communist' as Christianity seems to do from the very beginning with the Early Christian Martyr wannabes flagellating non-stop till death--the smaller, less distinguished, the better, I've always thought was implied.

Don't be ridiculous. There is no "Crypto-NRx Catboy Corps".

I have no idea about this one, but found it amusing because when I hear "Don't be ridiculous", I always hear Dame Edith Evans as Lady Bracknell. Well, he wasn't imitating her, but he is British.

"Are you saying that Asian countries should stop accepting immigrants from shithole countries like the US and UK?" -- Haven't they already done that?

He was always very pro-China, so maybe calling US and UK 'shithole countries' is part of leading to Han Hegemony if they turn out to only be more and more of that--and they've definitely done plenty to become that. I never heard of immigrants to China from US and UK except for expatriates like him.

"More than half (52 percent) of Americans report that someone they know personally made a remark or joke that was racially insensitive in the past 12 months." -- No wonder the country's a nervous wreck.

Fully agree with that one, and I make as many daily as possible. But it's true I can't do it with most other New Yorkers. My brother and sister in Alabama and Georgia let me do it whenever I feel like it on the phone. If I was asked if I'd heard something 'racially insensitive' on some poll, I'd say "No. Everybody was always sensitive."

parisian said...

The hate hyper-inflation is a thing of wonder. A wheelbarrow full of hate no longer buys even one minor insult.

Colin Wright
· Oct 20
Twitter suspends account for tweeting "only females get cervical cancer." Claims the statement is "hateful conduct."…

Not doing Twitter, I find these totally inane ones very amusing, and don't care much.

My powers of snark are completely overwhelmed by this incident.
New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call
I found this so hilarious, I don't know why anybody wouldn't be guffawing. There he was, one of THE most expert faces of O.J. Simpson in the 90s, caught misbehaving. So happy not to have had to see it, but he seemed to be suspended very briefly, I think I've heard him quoted several times in the last few days.
"This isn’t just about an election — it’s a blueprint for completing the Left’s anti-American Cultural Revolution." -- Hard to disagree.

Still not sure it's *all-the-way* there, because the 'blue wave' definitely did not work well in Congressional elections, and a difficult Congress can wield much more power than an all-Dem-powered one would. I'm not going to speculate about 2024 as people are already doing. That's not 'based', it's fucking base.

This is what he said about Outside In's demise:

'You know....utter apocalypse'

I thought that was pretty cool.

It's like a Tower of Babel-scale honesty stack.
Quote Tweet
Kamala Harris
· Jan 29, 2019
.@JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.

... Any ludicrous shit credited as long as it's consistent with the pursuit of bare-knuckle leftist race politics. Got you.

Harris is one of a multitude who got duped by that horrid Smollett creature (no talent to boot. I hear he's going to be a 'director'. Can't wait.)

parisian said...

I love the smell of mostly peaceful protests in the morning.

He accompanied this with a photo of a very tough, handsome militia type, shirtless and smiling slighly sinisterly. This is a good while back, just as we were beginning to see the phrase used every day.

"Chamberlain also follows and retweets a number of users who post about European culture — paintings, architecture and music ostensibly created by 'westerners.'"
A fascist manifesto is gaining fans on the right, including state Sen. Roger Chamberlain. -...
State Sen. Roger Chamberlain has taken an interest in the neo-fascist, self published book "Bronze Age Mindset," as well as an interest in neo-Nazis and white

I don't know if this was Nick, but Steve Sailer had some very good posts and threads about how "white people are going to have to realize that Bach, Beethoven, Mozart...are white", in response to a perfectly illiterate New Yorker article by Alex Ross, in which he actually allows a black man to by quote as calling Beethoven an 'above-average composer', and says we should listen to more 'Florence Price'

Outside the window: The world's greatest city purring functionally. On the screen: Clown-world snorting paraffin, shrieking antiracist slogans, and juggling broken cigarette lighters.

This is a little while back, I liked it, very clever and crotchety, although he does go overboard with proclaiming Shanghai 'the world's greatest city', and did so during Expo way back in 2010. I don't care for assessments of 'single greatest' in anything, and although the same has been said about my city much more than it has about his, I don't buy that either. I've been to Paris and London.
"Dad thinks the future contains a lot of cheap dishonest virtue signaling."
Lisa Britton
· May 15
Imagine if these men wore these shirts in front of their young, impressionable sons. “Daddy thinks I don’t have a future” What a great way to set up your son’s mentality for the rest of his life
It boggles my mind how people don’t see something wrong with this..

Agree. Can't believe all the weakling white men and people talking about how proud they are of the under-10 transsexual identical-twin bastards.

In March:
You'll never guess the number of The Book of Numbers.

I gather you're very knowledgeable about physics and science of many kinds and surely quite a mathematician. Guessing, because I haven't read you talking about it, except your belief in science. I sort of doubt these kinds of numbers ring any bell to any of these disciplines, and I know even less than he does about some of these things I vaguely imagine you do.
... 60 + 79 + 39 + 155 apparently defeats my entire TL.
4:10 PM · Mar 1, 2020·Twitter Web App

No idea.


parisian said...

...that means there are some cybernetic-hyperstitional pheromonal-truth secretions given off when
logs onto Twitter that Justin is considered too "lame and gay" to get updated with - this is only *one* such truth.

Tasty, even if I never got into lots of Hyperstition enough to get updated with it either. Some say it's out of date, but I wouldn't know that either.

Escape the entire historical dialectic with this one simple trick: "Care about us!" "No."

Love this. Sometimes our sadisms intersect.

The real story is out-of-control narrative policing.2h...

"Why won't you listen when I tell you what the story is!"

These are always good, should be back in the spring.

Collapse of inter subjectivity. Narrative over determination. Riots fed by narratives streaming into the nexus of violence.

Sounds interesting.

Someone I was chatting with said this:
Land has commented in the past about the "superiority" of the 19th century, and the people who lived then, who he likened to "giants" compared to those in the twentieth century. He truly hates the twentieth century. It's the century of the "masses" and their "mass politics" according to him, I think. He wouldn't however, deny that there has been technological progress in the twentieth century, but that, as NRx believes, it has masked wholesale social degeneration.

I can see that point of view, but it's the 18th c. I find the Modern Land of Giants. Otherwise, need to go back to Pagan Rome and Greece for the best things.

There were some photos of a Wendy's burned down in those indolent 'protests'. I really can't think of anything stupider, and I have to admit I'm just as bored hearing about racism endlessly as he is. He wrote above 4 pictures of burnt-down Wendy's....

So, for instance, this place has been thoroughly protested.

This one is also hilarious: Final definition of money is whatever the joggers can't burn down.

I'll conclude with an O/T, because although Jim says "Real men eat meat", that's so corny. Anybody with any sense at all eats meat, including the women. The best meat was probably Homeric, The Iliad--I've always thought their 'meat and wine' when at rest was probably better than anything any of us has ever had. But I made this 'Coffee Steak' twice and it is really good:
lу Каrliп»»»
Feb 26
* Dry your steak. * Sprinkle & rub in salt, pepper, ground coffee on both sides. * Leave on a rack in the fridge for a day or two. * Preheat oven. * Very briefly sear on both sides in pan on highest heat. * Cook to desired doneness.

Alrenous said...

I've always been aware Yarvin was a bit of a troll, but I've become much less tolerant of falsehood. Progressives are literally Satanic and they don't call him Father of Lies as a joke. When you bear false witness against yourself, you're not opposing the Progressives. Meanwhile Yarvin's honesty factor has gotten noticeably worse. He's still easily top five smartest person writing for the internet; he is at least lying about relevant things instead of e.g. playing highschool popularity games. Raising worthwhile issues.

Other leftists also cheat. Probably less? It doesn't matter. The voting is insecure on purpose.

Jim is a leftist, so that's always kind of gross. He inhabits the stereotypes of his enemies, just like Moldbug describes, but it's camouflage.

"Struggling" is probably a journalism.

Britain absolutely is a shithole. It's impressive that most other places are even shittier holes. "We're not as bad as them," isn't a defence, it's a confession. This is what dystopia is like IRL. Folk cope, sorta.

My background is in physics. I went up to solving partial differential equations.

Alrenous said...

"Book of Numbers" and Lemurians is largely about numerology. Like most divination tools, numerology can help if you already know the answer and need assistance focusing on it.